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I'm Pregnant and Most Likely Have To Apply For Obamacare.

I thought I would come to the DP for any helpful advice or suggestions. I really do NOT want to apply for Obamacare but I am several months pregnant and have not been to the doctor yet; I don't know what other options I have. I had health insurance up until May, but being young, I've never needed it much. My husband's job only allows health insurance for him, not his family.
I know my state offered emergency medical for pregnant women, and when I tried to get that, I was told they no longer offer that now because of Obamacare.
In addition, Obamacare is too expensive anyways. I haven't checked the cost using the Obamacare site, (I don't want to be in their system) but someone I'm close to, who works for a large insurance company, was able to figure the cost for me alone, which is frankly something we really can't afford. The cost didn't even include the co-pays, and of course it would be something I would then have to pay for the rest of my life when I really am only seeking help with my pregnancy.

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on nature selecting you for motherhood.

I believe people wholly deserve a government they demand. I believe people on the receiving end of tyranny who have demanded a police state is just.

It would be nice if people who believe in liberty had the courage of someone like Jesus and place themselves between the oppressed prostitute and Pharisees or Saddusees in positions of authority. It would be nice if there were communities of like minded people who defended one another from trespasses by states. It would be nice if there were free markets to obtain affordable health care. It would be nice if health care was like technology products where there is little government intervention and they get better, faster, or cheaper every year.

Such things don't exist and aren't on the horizon. You say you don't want to be in their system. As one who isn't, I can understand the sentiment. However, we all have our roles. Taking on unnecessary risk to confront injustices and trespasses of evil men who lust for power is not a game for parents while parenting unless it should become absolutely necessary. The future is in your womb and if you genuinely believe in any philosophy of liberty ... you have an obligation to pass on everything you have learned to your posterity and hope they take it to heart.

I did not write because I had any specific pregnancy suggestions. I wrote because some people, such as myself, are very vocal that people ought to resist injustices of the state if anyone expects states to trespass less. I wrote to remind you that this is not an absolute. It is like a libertarian in political office. The goal may be to eliminate the state but take whatever reduction in the state whenever you can get it. Same with not participating in the system or resisting injustices of the state. Talk about it constantly, but it may not be possible to practice it all the time. Take whatever reduction in state trespasses or resistance against the state however and whenever you can get it.

Regarding Obamacare or what you are going to do. Do whatever is best for you whether it involves solutions inside or outside the system. One has no control if the best solution is inside or outside the system. Follow your heart, exercise what you believe to be the best judgement for you, and live your life as it best pleases you. You only get to live it once.

Congratulations! Don't be afraid - find a good midwife!

Midwives treat pregnancy and birth (and you) as healthy and natural expressions of life - not as diseases, the way western medicine does. Have a wonderful birth experience for you and your baby. If you don't want a home birth, there are birth centers where you can have a comfortable birth, where midwives have admitting privileges to a hospital and doctor support in case of an unforeseen emergency. The cost is less than a hospital birth. Obamacare will probably make you pay anyway - and if not, the premiums will probably cost more than a birth center birth, which includes prenatal visits.

When you're ready, here are two amazing birth books:

Birth Reborn, by Michel Odent (or other books by him): http://www.amazon.com/Birth-Reborn-What-Childbirth-Should/dp...

Mind over Labor: http://www.amazon.com/Mind-over-Labor-Breakthrough-Handbooks...

God bless you and your growing family! Enjoy!!

Get a job driving a

school bus for a couple of months. School system always needs bus drivers and they will train you, once you get the job put your pay toward the school health insurance. Just call the district office and they will tell you where to call. Note over half of the state money goes to the school system so dont feel bad when you have to get a job or insurance through them a lot of things have got to change to fix that.

I think this might be a trolling, but...

In case it's not

Me and the ex made a baby years ago without insurance. I paid cash. I saved for seven months. It was about 3.8K, then add in the rest of years... hehe yeah having a kid is not cheap. Then on top of that the credit collectors will try to rob you and kill your credit score. Then you pay twice or suffer. I suffered. My credit is crap. Also, the collectors called for an ambulance that hauled me to a hospital once when I had insurance. I had to pay it off to fix my credit. That's BS. Never admit to anything.

Anyways, tell them you don't want any tissues, I think the tissue box cost $75 back then, no joke. Now it's prolly $100. If you pay cash they will break it all down. You'll see why folks come here to have a child illegally and not pay for it. I don't like paying for some illegal birth's $100 box of kleenex. That kleenex could have stopped the mess.

You could prolly wheeze the juice and get a free ride if you pretend you can't speak English. You'd be one of the dregs of society though.

Make your choice. But my belief is you made it, you pay for it.

Screw obamacare.

your state will always take you in emergency.

Do some web searching for "family planning".

UPDATE: Try this link http://americanpregnancy.org/contact

Not all "family planning" organizations are federally subsidized abortion mills, like Planned Parenthood. You might also search for a good midwife, who probably knows of groups that can help you.

Let me tell you something about co-pays. When I was a contractor, I only carried major medical, through the contractor shop. Since I had extremely high cholesterol, I used to go to LIFELINE for annual sonograms. After I went to work for a corporation, I used the corporation's insurance plan and my co-pay for my sonogram was HIGHER than the total cost through LIFELINE. As long as you are young, healthy and do not require hospitalization for complications, you will do fine with a good midwife and a clean bedroom. My mother had five children; all lived and all were born at home, except me.

PS The best doctors are ALREADY bailing on Obamacare; and the situation is becoming so desperate, some Democrats are calling for laws forcing doctors to accept Obamacare patients. Despite what you hear about "first, do no harm," I have known enough medical professionals to say confidently, any Democrat who goes on record to do that better not require one, as they won't make it out of the health care facility.

I'd say sign up

Sign up now for Obamacare. Childbirth runs up a big tab because the hospitals overcharge on the routine. And if there are any complications, the tab skyrockets.

My wife's water broke early and she spent weeks in bed in the antepartem ward of one of the best hospitals in Boston. And then our daughter was born early and was in the NICU for 8 weeks. The final tab was nearly $100,000, of which our copay was zero thanks to employer-provided health care.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

You can check

to see approximately what the cost would be with Obamacare, taking subsidies into account, without giving any personal info. If you're young enough, and your income isn't very high, you may qualify for a catastrophic plan. Some of those are a lot cheaper than the bronze/silver plans.

If your income is high enough that there wouldn't be any subsidy then there's no need to go through the exchange at all. The same insurance companies, and more, still offer private insurance. The only reason to go through the exchange, as far as I know, is that it's required if you want to claim any subsidy. Otherwise you might even do better outside the exchange as someone pointed out below.

As for "have to pay for the rest of my life," why is that? Through the exchange or not, it's still just insurance with a private insurance company. You can cancel it just like any other insurance policy. If your concern is having insurance just in case there are major complications then you could consider getting the insurance and canceling it after delivery assuming all goes well.

where do you live?

This is important.


Before Obamacare no one had

Before Obamacare no one had babies.. even before insurance no one had babies...

Okay, I am obviously being sarcastic, but why not have babies the old way?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

ah congrats on your soon to be liberty fighting newborn

that will come into the world. Have faith and just keep moving forward, don't allow the world to force you into a government control mechanism. Have faith and talk to people in the many available programs out there while they last. The worst part is that the system is gonna push you right back to the system, meaning all these aholes will be pushing Obamacare in your immediate direction. That is where you start doing research, as the poster said above, how did we all deliver babies before the government was involved? You are on this site, you are smart, and you know what, I believe you could deliver that baby in your own bedroom if you needed to. So go with your gut and have FAITH and be free, and bring that baby up free upon it's first breath of life.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


Women have been having babies since the dawn of time without intervention. Spend some out of pocket money for doctor visits to make sure there are no complications and knowing all is well contact a midwife and have your baby at home.

But the poor will continue having babies they can't afford

as has always been.

Where is the cut-off point


And, frankly, whose business is it?

Not yours. Not mine.

It's only the business of central planners and those elitists who knows what's better for "we".

How did you get

How did you get prego?



First of all ... Congratulations!!!

There are a couple of things.

Many OBGYN prenatal care is not covered by insurance and it is sometimes all out of pocket.

If you are concerned and would like prenatal care, go talk to your OBGYN or go to a clinic.

If you are not concerned, at least get some pre-natal vitamins. You can get them online.

Some midwives will do births at home. That may be an option and you can pay her in cash or set up a payment plan.

Personally, I will never allow my daughter to give birth outside of a hospital setting because my daughter would not have a mother if she was birthed outside of a hospital setting, but beggers can't be choosers and typically there is limited risk involved if this is not a "high risk" pregnancy.

Congratulations and Good Luck.


I suggest you go to the Catholic Church, or a maternal support that has Catholics, because Catholics are very generous and supportive when it comes to families and babies. I would be surprized if anyone even asked if you were catholic, your faith is not the issue, bringing a healthy baby into the world and your being strong and secure are what matters. See what they can do to help you. Look up Catholic Charities and the Diocese of where you live http://www.usccb.org/about/catholic-campaign-for-human-devel...


Your local Catholic Social Services will do a lot to help.

The Catholic Church makes people do classes to

be able to have their babies baptized in that Antichrist organization. The Catholic Church is amongst the last one's I would let touch my baby. The Catholic Church is full of paganism and blasphemy, they try to help the flesh from time to time, but they always kill the soul. Hell with them.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

That's not my experience tog

The soup kitchen operates out of a Catholic Church Parrish Hall, where we have even curbed prayer to not offend those who hate the Church but are hungry and in need. And some of them, who I know are not Catholic at all, I suggest they go to the preist, who I know has given many people cash for gas, hotel, formula diapers (which I happen to know, the rectory/ in the priests house, the office back room has a storage of baby products, bottles, formula, diapers, toys.. There are other soup kitchens here, some make everyone pray, some charge for food ($50.00 a month, all you can eat tues and thurs). Catholic Church asks for nothing in return.

And I know many members of the Church work at the hospital, clinic and the preganacy center and the women's shelter, and they do not evengeleize in trade for goods and services.

I think the Catholics sustain the flesh in prayer for the soul to find Jesus, or if the soul has found Jesus, that the flesh becomes strong again so the soul can witness for Jesus until Jesus takes that soul from the flesh.

If anything should ever happen to you tog, you need help, don't overlook the help the Church may give you without worrying they are going to hold a cross over you and force you to recite Hail Mary's and Glory Bes. :D Seriously.

as an ex catholic - and very

as an ex catholic - and very well versed on the religion - you are wrong -

The social services/catholic charities of the church does not force anyone receiving services to take part in their sacraments.

Hogwash. You let someone fill your head with mush.


Free includes debt-free!

Take it, because you will be paying for it as will your child

but vote only for politicians who pledge to end it. We should not enable stupid by refusing to take it, thus putting off the day the train wrecks. Just one man's opinion. I don't plan on taking it myself, but I am in a different situation.

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

Find a good midwife in your area

and consider having the baby at home. Also, read up in vaccines before you allow any to be injected into your baby.

This will be your solution.

If your baby is healthy it will cost $4000 or less for EVERYTHING. And you'll have a nicer experience believe it or not.

If you get into a medical emergency situation requiring transport to a hospital, then you will get clobbered. So maybe look for the least expensive catastrophic plan you can find?

Pre conception nutrition can prevent birth defects in livelstock

Works with humans also. Pre-natal nutrition also essential. 90 nutrients are needed during pregnancy.

Women have been having healthy babies since time began.

Our number four was birthed by a midwife. It made for a pleasant and comfortable afternoon, and easy. for me.

Get the 90 nutrients so you and the baby are ready when the time comes.

Good luck and God bless.

PS. We never had a pregnancy covered by insurance.

Free includes debt-free!

and that post Paul

is the reason dailypaul is awesome. God bless you also Paul.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


I am afraid that I disagreed with your other comment.

Free includes debt-free!

Medical-sharing ministries

I don't have personal experience with medical-sharing ministries, but have read they are a way around Obamacare and a way to get affordable coverage.

You can read about the basics here:


Here is one of the organizations out there....there are many others:


2 Chron 7:13-14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

interesting concept

interesting concept

A lot of people don't like it: