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Ron Paul: We Should Have The Right To Opt Out

"The emphasis should be on liberty and freedom of choice. You mentioned that, why don't we have freedom of choice? Even when the government intrudes on us in many of these areas if we just allowed the right to opt out and in spite what harm the government is doing most of the time we can survive, the people will figure it out. I think we should have the right to opt out of medical care, the right to opt out of government schools, have the right to opt out of the government mail service and all these things."


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We have the right to opt out! No 'should' about it!

Granted...It's an individual's choice...but...

We each should choose. That is our right.

As individuals- to null & void bad laws, to opt out of federal mandates:(corporatism)...

If you use that civil disobed right, the consequences are guaranteed...and will be quite painful.

(But remember... Fed. Income tax is "voluntary"! "Right, Mate?")

Well, so is Obamacare...

(...oh, yeah... they will make it hurt if you opt out...)

But if we all civilly agree to F++k All...
What choice... do they have?

(Crimey...i can't hardly believe we've paid fed.inc.txes for 100 yrs.. without at least one stab at the heart... --civil disobedience...

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Took the words right out of my mouth

I immediately thought the same thing once I saw the headline, once I read the quote I clicked the add a comment button to say the same thing.

The Government that was created by the States to help protect our Rights is now the Number 1 source of Right Abridgement and Infringement.

The biggest issue I see with a relatively peaceful end to this is the massive dependence upon the State. Modern day Patricians use 'The State' to take from the Productive and then they divvy up the loot between themselves and their Plebeians.

My definitions for Rights & Privileges are as follows;
Rights are actions/behaviors that DO NOT require the permission of another to act/behave.
Privileges are actions/behaviors that DO require the permission of another to act/behave.

Not quite

The default should not be that we are automatically opted in to a shitstem for no other reason than we were simply born here.

If an individual wishes to participate in the government's charade then surely they should be able to. And, in so doing they can accept all of the strings that come along with it (enough of them that they can craft a perfectly usable noose).


new political Party premised on dignifying the prerogative of individual choice concerning public domain, and the right to withdraw from institutional abuse (inc. all taxation)


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He's the BOSS

Sadly, the media always ignores the sound advice of Dr. Paul

And instead replays endless sound bites of Michelle Bachmann talking about death panels.