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CNN scoops active shooter at mall.

Is it just me but we are 20 minutes into an active shooter in a NJ mall and none of the other media outlets have broken away from normal programming. I find this very odd,

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Listening to witness accounts

there were multiple people. Someone wanted to send a message tonight. They did not shoot anyone.

Not to roll this into conspiracy already but the witness spoke about a group of people around the shooter. This is weird already. Did the police do an unannounced live drill at the mall?

watching live conference

And Paramus mayor is smiling a lot.

And FBI is already there. Thats some fast response..

It's Chris"py Cream" Christie....

Some shidiot teenager refused to sell him a cheese burger, and he just went apeshit. And he's going to explain to Republicans why.

Shit apples


Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts.
-Patrick Henry

As bad as CNN is, I don't

As bad as CNN is, I don't even think MSNBC or Fox even maintain a real reporting presence anymore. They're pretty much pure editorial and make very little presence of reporting. MSNBC is the worst, they're so bad they're like bloggers with some video equipment, like Huffpo if they got paid or the Young Turks but more gay. CNN is at least pretending to be a journalistic outfit.


NJ is a total gun free zone and that mall is a gun free zone.
So there cant be any guns there.

I predict

this one will have the words "fuck fiat currency" and "bitcoin rulz" tattooed all over his body with a 3D printed AR-15 and a piece of paper with crayon writing that says "Defense distributed is da shiz"

Ron Paul 2012

You missed one: I just saw on

You missed one: I just saw on Good Morning America (I hate the show but im in a hotel lobby) and they said he got the rifle from his brother (Family member) and was addicted to a "highly concentrated form of exctasy called 'molly'"


Did the guy show up with glowsticks giving people hugs or something?

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And what was real odd was how CNN

broke to the breaking news it was if it was pre planed or taped in advance. Was anyone else watching CNN when they broke from their programming? Within minutes they have multiple people on the phone who are inside the mall. Huh? We are now well into an hour into it and only one other network has broken off to cover it.

9:20PM is when the first shots were said to be fired

It seems the place has been on lockdown. News agencies might be a little wary because there was a panic report at a university earlier today that turned out to be untrue. Of course, CNN has no such inhibition.

Defend Liberty!

no AK

no coverage

Wait for it

wait for it

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....