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Rather unique view of the 2nd plane on 9/11

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Never trust a video about edited video

Obviously the producer knows his way around video editing and can do anything to make their own point. There is a complete news archive with original video and those are the only ones anyone should watch or reference for video evidence.I know a guy who can replace the planes with snoopy floats from the macys parade; it doesn't mean snoopy suddenly did it.

Where did this video come from?

It wouldn't surprise me in the least to know this level of deception happens in the media.

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Actually there were no buildings

Yeah! In fact the Twin Towers never existed. How about that?

Of course there were planes. Of course a plane gets kind of absorbed by a skyscraper, like a bullet in gelatin. This video is simply a mockery of credible conspiracy theories. Remove!

No no no, the Twin Towers

No no no, the Twin Towers were three-dimensional holograms using secret "HoloDeck" type technology.

Look, I don't care what someone's thoughts/beliefs are on 9/11. Whether a person actually buys the official story word for word, or a person thinks the whole thing was carefully planned and controlled by insiders, or a person believes something somewhere in between, a rational, thoughtful person would not believe for a second that this video is anything other than a total and complete fabrication. For crying out loud they even added explosion sounds while they did the edit!

From the video:
'Multiple techniques of image manipulation were employed to simulate "airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center'
...should instead read...
'Multiple techniques of image manipulation were employed to erase the "airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center'

This kind of crap discredits any legitimate questions or concerns from either side of the story and IMO anyone who pushes this crap is no better than anyone else who tries to perpetrate lies. Blatant fabrication, blatant lie.

Bad troll is bad.

Ok... BUT

After the first explosion in the first tower .. I'm sure that a lot of eyes were pointed toward that direction in NY.

There *should* be many many people coming forth with the no-plane talk.

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I was thinking about this the

I was thinking about this the other day and there is just no way hell the government had NO IDEA that this was going to happen. This event would take months, years of planning to get right. The training of the pilots who allegedly trained in the US, the saudi terrorists that lived in Florida for months who were involved in the hijackings, the fact that all 19 hijackers were on the terrorst watch list on the DAY of 9/11 and were all allowed with no obstruction? Not to mention Anwar Al alwaki dining at the pentagon a few months before 9/11. No video of the crashes hitting the pentagon except for that 8 megapixel video how is that possible? The most heavily guarded building in the US has no other video footage to release of the crash? ... To people who say its not possible well it is possible and it has happened before. Operation Northwoods was signed by the chief of staff for the White House. False flags are not new and 9/11 no doubt 100% was an inside job. For the future instead of focusing on the no planes theory and all that crap lets just stick with the original questions and the history, and the laws of physics to explain this to people. The fact is now according to a recent poll the majority of Americans don't believe the official story on 9/11 and also the congress has the lowest approval in the history of the United States so... the government is not winning people are awake we are moving forward making strides and the government is also on the defensive now instead of just being on the offensive. The tides are turning now we just have to wait and see what happeneds after the FED tapers... long live America, Liberty, and Peace.


Delete this post out of respect....anybody here on the DP understands the truth......We are so beyond this.....the "Choir" has spoken...do you really want to preach to me...Gulf of Tonkin...Reichstag Fire...where do you want to go with this....???...Most people on the DP are wide awake.....9/11 as we all know was an inside job....in 80 years from now it will be admitted after you and I are all gone as this BS is always revealed...

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so...because someone can edit something out...that's evidence?

Video inpainting can remove objects from scenes. So can cruder methods like multiple layers and difference keying.

These aren't unique views, either. Someone took Hezarkhani's pre-existing footage with the planes (and the Evan Fairbanks video, and others) and removed the planes so they can confuse the gullible to think they were never there.

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To this day...

it makes me ill to watch this as it once unfolded. Twelve years later: NO closure!

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This is A: Utter stupidity

or B: Obvious dis-information.

Yes the planes were real. They were likely taken over by remotely controlled drone operators.

The demolitions did the rest.

Screw this. Screw Judy wood. AE911 Truth is the group with the credible hypothesis based on research by experts.

Horrible video. Horrible post. These things only help the real perps walk free.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

No planes, no hi-jackers. No evidence except on TV.

No commercial aircraft in NYC the morning of September 11, 2001 according to NORAD records.

Who are the real perps?

Free includes debt-free!

No planes.

US hung NAZI war criminals.

Free includes debt-free!

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Yup, rather unique indeed.

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