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Boy with Down Syndrome Beaten By The Police For Wearing Colostomy Bag

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Why no officers name? Can someone get it so we can

advertise to the world what a worthless POS he is.

Geesh - I mean you expect the gestapo to grope/rape women and beat up on us regulars - but for gods sake - they are now taking to beating up on Down Syndrome kids and ripping off their colostomy bags.

But here again is your sign that we are already too far gone - "the parents want an apology" - why do they not want the officer fired and arrested for assault(I am no lawyer, but I believe beating up people with disabilities is a felony). The populace have become so afraid they don't even have the courage to demand the minimal expectable resolution(no officer who attacks a down syndrome kid should be allowed back on the job - period).

Train the boy to work at the Federal Reserve.

How hard can it be to hit enter to create more currency when Uncle Ben calls.

It ain't workin. That's the way we do it...

Free includes debt-free!