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‘Morning Joe’ Blasts Carney for Mocking Reporters Rather Than Answering Obamacare Questions


The cast and guests of MSNBC’s Morning Joe blasted the White House Tuesday for press secretary Jay Carney’s angry and mocking response to questions from ABC’s Jonathan Karl regarding healthcare.gov’s continuing problems:

MIKE ALLEN: It wasn’t just contentious which you get every day in the briefing room. You don’t get Jay Carney basically mocking Jon Karl, imitating his tone.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Why would he do it?

ALLEN: There is great frustration. The ABC memos showed not only that the problem also exists if you apply by paper or by phone but that the administration well knew it before the president came out and said the alternative ways are fine. The congressional committees are having a field day with notes. They say war room notes at the top. That’s a reporter’s dream. Turned over to Congress, make it to reporters. The Wall Street Journal story is a real canary in the coal mine. The plan depends on getting young people like Louis Bergdorf into the plan.

SCARBOROUGH: That ain’t happening.

The Associated Press’ White House correspondent Julie Pace, who was also at the briefing Monday, weighed in when asked why Carney would mock a well-respected reporter like Karl.

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I love how the MSM always kisses the administration's ass until he insults them personally then they get all butthurt over it.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

"respected reporters" Do they

"respected reporters"

Do they answer to their call or to their "bread giver", so in turn, where does the "bread giver" stand.......this is how the current society is run, only a few go against the established "rules" or "policies", and choose the first, and feel the right of it

I Find Carney To Be Way Worse Than Gibbs

He is condescending and refuses to answer reasonable questions, instead reformulating the question and answering the one he would have preferred to have been asked.

If a Republican press secretary behaved this way, the press would scream for his or her firing.

A radio talk show host I heard while away refers to him as White House spokesmodel Jay Carney.

Rothbard: "Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."

I generally avoid FreeBeacon if possible

They have been forced to open up a bit on the NSA issue by popular demand, but they are often breathtakingly neocon. You should just include the entire video:


Does everyone know you can just insert the embed code and click the "make embeds load faster" button to embed videos?

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