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Rand Paul breaks down ObamaCare in terms only freedom-loving Americans can understand 11/4/13

“I think it comes down to this: I think government is inherently inefficient. The other side thinks government can do anything; they have this great faith that government can fix any problem. The way I see it is, the private marketplace is miraculous in distributing goods because they have to have a profit motive. Government doesn’t have a profit motive.”

“The legislation says very specifically: ‘If you’ve had your insurance before Obamacare, and if it has never changed, you can keep it. But if you’ve had it and it has changed at all, you have to take Obamacare; you get four choices whereas you might have had hundreds of choices before. Under Obamacare you’re only getting four choices and you’re being dumped. In my state, nearly ten times more people have lost their insurance than have gained any insurance. Kentucky is suppose to be the ‘success case’ they’re all touting.”

To watch the entire interview, go here: http://marketsanity.com/rand-paul-breaks-down-obamacare/

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Rand is not being

completely honest about Obummercare. He is playing the typical conservative Rebloodlican line that this is a government socialized healthcare, that forces the insurance companies to abide by this plan. That's what the Big Insurance wants everybody to believe, but they helped write the legislation, and when have you ever seen Big Insurance ever lose? The are in with the Banksters, who always win, and we always lose! Do you really believe these super corporate powers would have let the politicians create this law if they were going to make less money? Hell, No! This is Corporatism at its finest, and not socialism like Rand and the other right wingers try to sell us on. We have to pay more, but get less, so who's winning in this game? You may be able to select a plan where you pay or your employer pays about the same, but then you have to pay a huge deductible, what I have heard is $5000 for this plan. So, who's winning? There are no more family plans, now every family member is broken down individually, which makes you pay much more. So, who's winning? The Big Insurance have the largest buildings in the metro cities, they don't lose, they only profit. Insurance is the biggest ponzi scheme ever created, because you pay, but the majority hardly ever use them, especailly the mandated auto insurance. I have paid probably paid at least $75,000 in auto insurance over the years and never had a claim. I haven't been to the doctor in at least 20yrs, and that was for a broken wrist. Needless to say, I don't have health insurance, and if I was paying, who would be benifiting, not me? The biggest thing that would drive healthcare costs down, would be to cut the illegal aliens off, except for life threatening care. I hear stories from everybody I know who have gone to the ER for some reason, and it's full of illegals for very minor problems, and knowing people who work in hospitals, they never pay a dime. When have you heard any politician mention this fact? I have heard Ron Paul mention it, but Rand, never!