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Move or Stay?

Hypothetical Question: If you were able to move to any country in the world at this juncture, and be granted citizenship so you could stay indefinitely if you so chose, is there any country which could entice you? Would you stay here at all costs? Why or why not? Would that change if your family had young kids?

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The business of promoting liberty is a challenge here.

Fear, uncertainty and despair are often obstacles. Will that burden change?

Understanding, making and caring seem inescapable challenges.

Good question! Should I stay or should I go?

Native American Commandments

Free includes debt-free!

I admit, everyday I give more

I admit, everyday I give more and more thought to the idea of leaving the US. It just gets worse and worse to the point of aggravation. The question for me remains, where could I go and really make a life for myself?


...that's the tricky question. The worst part for me would be leaving extended family behind; but I guess my ancestors did the same thing when they left their families to come out on the Oregon Trail in the 1850's. Lots of things to weigh. I would feel guilty, though, if I had the chance to get my kids away from the epicenter of troubles but missed the boat because of hesitation.