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Quigley: Interesting Connection Between Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Secret Societies

Most people here probably know who Carroll Quigley was. He was the "official historian" of the secret society/shadow government/illuminati or whatever term it goes by. He wrote two books about his research.

Bill Clinton named him as the most influential person in his political life. So, Carroll Quigley had direct knowledge that he likely shared with Clinton.

Then, I came across a story about how Nancy Reagan was into astrology. Interesting, I thought, since Illuminati are also into astrology. I learned that Nancy consulted an astrologer for many political decisions, including who Ron's running mate should be in 1980.

VERY interesting since George Bush, Sr. was the running mate, and he is tied to all sorts of shadowy stuff he learned from his daddy, Prescott.

Then, I discovered that Nancy really had one main astrologer she relied on. And that person was Joan Quigley.

Interesting name, huh?

Wikipedia usually has family history of people they include in their website. Strangely, there is no family history for either Carroll or Joan.

But I did find a website that says Carroll and Joan were brother and sister.


Interesting to know that the shadowy types had a little birdie whispering into Ronnie's ear about what he should be doing.

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will be passing this info. around to all the Reagan worshipers I know.

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I never believed Reagan was different . ..

from any of the others. Good to have some substance behind it--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

wow, killer find! it's a

wow, killer find!

it's a small world after all.