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OMG-if you get pulled over don't clench ur butt! vid

Only in the "land of the free."

I find this shocking...

Try to keep your butt relaxed if you get pulled over!

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Irving texas, and now Deming NM.

and these are just the ones that made the MSM "news"

when you see a LEO tomorrow, keep this in mind.

Where'd you find this?

It's already here though.

a friend sent it to me this am...

Didn't realize it was already posted

I agree with Absolute, it is funnier.

I was just asking because a few minutes before you posted it here, I'd put it up with the title "Don't clench your butt when the cops stop you or they'll check it for drugs" on another web forum where I was under the impression that the libertarians there could be counted on one hand (it's largely 20-somethings with strong liberal leanings there).

your headline

was funnier though