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RT's Abby Martin Stomps Rachel Maddow's Guts Out for Being a 9/11 Shill

First time I've seen her and now I am a devoted fan of Abby Martin. She takes that media whore and accomplice to murder Rachel Maddow to the woodshed on her dangerous linking of 911 skepticism with proponsity for terrorism, an end-game NWO play against free speech and independent thinking that only a slut like Maddow would carry forward.

Kick up your feet and get your popcorn out for this one. Let it warm the cockles of your tired heart aching for truth!

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This is meaningless to me

She didn't "blast" anyone. Can we all agree to stop using headlines like "Person A destroys Rachel Maddow" or "Person B owns Paul Krugman", etc, etc? Does Rachel Maddow even know who Abby Martin is? Would any of Maddow's viewers know who she is?

The only way this matters is if the two of them are in a broadcasted debate. That's the only way you "own" or "destroy" someone, face-to-face. Otherwise it's just preaching to the choir.

You choose the headlines you want and I'll choose mine

My free speech is not subject to your censorship. She demolished Maddow. It was beautiful. The end.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Exactly my thoughts--in some

Exactly my thoughts--in some respect. I always say this to people about 9/11. The real issue, the real smoking gun, is that Bush and Cheney turned a blind eye and allowed it to happen. Nothing else matters. I don't care about Thermite, or remote controlled planes, or building 7, or any other noise. The fact is, they allowed it to happen and that is the most important fact in all of this and is also why it's a conspiracy.

Turning a blind eye does not allow 96,000 tons of

structural steel to fall is if it were thin air, at free-fall accelaration. Demolition charges and ONLY demolition charges do that. It is not debatable. It is a law of physics. Nothing changes these laws, except God.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

First, I think it hurts our

First, I think it hurts our cause to use personal attacks and unnecessary words to describe someone.

Other point, Maddow's been the only one I've seen to take a hardline against the FBI debacle in Florida where the one guy got killed. In those reports, she's bordering on conspiratorial herself.

Maddow is actually very smart, I don't think's she's that bad. Sometimes she attacks people wantonly but such is cable news.

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That's what a gate keeper does

...she earns her creds for the right kind of outrage now and then on issues considered "edgy," in order to be able to define what is "beyond the pale."

That's a gate keeper.

Now if she came out and said the Boston Bombing was an entrapment set-up, I'd be more impressed, and think perhaps her position on 9/11 was misguided but sincere. But she'll never go that far. She knows where the leash ends. She is the worst kind of media whore, the clever kind, pretending to be "one of us" but waiting for just the right moment to stick the knife in the back of real change. This time she even when so far as to label 9/11 truth "dangerous." She's a killer, have no doubt. Especially because, as you said, she is smart enough to know better.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

What does it TAKE

FOR PEOPLE TO TURN OFF the PROPAGANDA that has enslaved them?

Good Question

One that should be asked of the people who have stopped watching Corporate Media resulting in their plummeting ratings.

My guess is the Internet has and will continue to have something to do with it.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Three words for Abby:

I. Love. You.

Three words for Rachel:

Shut. Up. Bro.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

What's up with the veiled gay

What's up with the veiled gay insults? Why's it matter how she looks or who she loves? Oh because some guys you trust 2,000 years ago wrote some contradictory book? I see.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Calm down, it was a joke

I have many lesbian and gay friends. Hardly "veiled" since I know Rachel is a woman and I clearly called her "Bro".

And what's with the automatic "Religious" bashing??? I don't care, I'm not Religious but your comment is a bit of the "Pot calling the Kettle 'Black'".

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Why get mad?

And tell someone to calm down? You are so mean! lol ;-p some people just get butthurt easier than others, they'll have to learn, in the real world, people aren't so polite.

trying to hard

her and ben are trying to hard for effect, I like them, but stick to substance and leave the extra stuff out. it does not look professional. I get it she is a beautiful girl, but this walking around with the camera seems a bit off. just saying I like them both but they need to adjust the presentation a bit

Rachel Maddow is Mentally Retarded.

I'm a conspiracy advocate, because it's closer to the truth. Maddow is closer to the filthy lie, just as are most of her colleagues in her corporate media industry.

You're AWESOME Abby!

They say smart is sexy but she's got all the bases covered.

LOL - Pentagon is drugging my water?

I feel like I'm in an alternate universe?

People cheering the gorgeous, perfectly dressed but slightly edgy RT Russian propagandist with a nose ring who expresses outrage over a left wing butch, but pretty, propagandist who mocks conspiracy theorists.

Give me an ugly newscaster any day. At least if they are shoveling crap I know I won't be thinking with my cock or with some misguided, PC (I'm not a gay hater) guilt-sympathy.

RT is not a credible news source and frankly this article warms my heart - like when sunnis and shias kill each other. j/k

Why would the death of others warm your heart?

If a ugly newscaster cures you from thinking with your cock. You need to chill out and let some of the blood flow to your brain so you can be more objective in what you observe.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

It was black humor 8-|

Relax a little.

RT really is propaganda though.

END the FED!!!

END the FED!!!

we need to avoid use of the term "inside job"

and call it what it probably was. a false flag operation.

"inside job" reinforces the false belief that the "Government" actually runs the country.

Agreed. "inside job" had its place in the beginning,

as a short and sweet description of what it was, coming from the "inside." But now I think people are ready for a more sophisticated understanding, "false flag operation" conveys much more information. It conjures the long history of these kinds of attacks, and reminds that they have clear, if dastardly, motives and agendas behind them...to enable a geopolitial agenda. Anytime someone says "but just the plane hits would have been enough, they didn't need to take down the towers" I scoff.

Yes they did. They needed a traumatic shock to the system to even begin talking about something as insane as invading Iraq, what the chickenhawk Neocons had been drooling about for years. They needed that hole in the NYC skyline to constantly remind people that someone was trying to kill them.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I agree 100%

Certainly elements within the US such as CIA helped coordinate and plan the false flag operation, however the foreign intelligence connections make clear that there is a globally-scoped network working to perpetrate these false flags.

Of course: Mossad, Paki ISI, Saudis, maybe MI-5

I'd say a few international bankers would be enough to explain most wars. JP Morgan financed both sides during WWII and made a bundle loaning to weapons makers in the process:


Bush's grandpappy Sen. Prescott Bush tried to overthrow FDR and solve the Great Depression by implementing fascism here.


Along with their pals in European Rothschilds banks a few dozen rich old men can make life hell for everybody.

Bonus question: which one is the stone cold killer? (Poppy Bush and pappy)

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Ah, "The Golden Rule"

"whoever has the Gold, makes the rules"
today we have "virtual" Gold. so, whoever creates the digits makes the rules!

who is really in the drivers seat?

I just gave a guy a ride home.

I suspect he is 'in between jobs'. 50's plus.

We talked about things we have both witnessed. Him on his shimp boats seeing foreign countries, and myself having the opportunity to sail through them.

Let the NSA suck this up.

Life is precious. People are People and they should be respected, not Killed and treated like cattle.

That said, everyone should defend life.

That was great.

That was great.


Why do you have to be so vulgar to post a youtube video?

911 family member Bob McIlvaine lost a son on 9/11

...Maddow tried to make people like him out to be terrorists because they are asking questions. Read my lips. She is a media whore. And that is only the beginning of the opprobrium she deserves.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

so what


Thanks, Abby-

You just single-handedly managed to keep Rachel's career going.


"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina