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‘Courage Is Contagious’: NSA Employees Following Snowden’s Lead

‘Courage Is Contagious’: NSA Employees Following Snowden’s Lead

The “courage” of Edward Snowden is “contagious,” according to lawyer and transparency advocate Jesselyn Radack, who says that additional employees at the National Security Agency are now coming forward with what they consider objectionable practices by their employer.

In an interview with ABC News on Thursday, Raddack revealed that an influx of NSA whistleblowers, inspired by Snowden, are now knocking on the doors of her organization.

According to Radack, several more whistleblowers have approached the Government Accountability Project (GAP)—the nation’s leading whistleblower protection and advocacy organization where she is the director of National Security and Human Rights—since Snowden’s story broke earlier this year.

“There definitely could be more revelations in addition to those that Snowden has revealed and that are continuing to come out,” she told ABC News.

The Obama administration’s “war on whistleblowers” is backfiring, said Radack.

“I think the government hopes to chill speech by employees in the national security and intelligence fields, especially those at the NSA and CIA, but the unintended consequence is [that] more and more whistleblowers are coming through the doors of the Government Accountability Project (GAP),” said Radack. “I think courage is contagious, and we see more and more people from the NSA coming through our door after Snowden made these revelations.”

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Doing the Math

The NSA hires lots of brilliant, talented, mathematicians and others who are truth-seekers and seekers of principle. They are also often patriotic in the good way.

It makes sense that they would have many employees who now see that working from within isn't going to work at all, or who had already tried and failed to stand up, but are now encouraged to try, again.

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And those other employees

And those other employees were never heard from again.

There's a lot of fame,

There's a lot of fame, notoriety, book deals, and money in government whistling.


It's probably a good deal too. Pay a little for some more leaks and the whole tax robbing program might just get shut down.

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