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Why Does The United Nations Hate Israel So Much?

Before anyone continues to read this post, there is one thing that I think most of us here at the Daily Paul can agree upon.

The United Nations sucks.

Okay, please keep reading and please keep an open mind.

The United Nations is no friend to Israel, that is a fact that can not be disputed by the most objective journalist on earth. They have mixed together like oil and water for 60 years plus and history proves it.

After World War 2 ended, Israel was born and so was the United Nations, formerly known as the League of Nations.

Ever since then the UN has done everything in its power to blame all of the world's problems on the Jewish State of Israel and America too.

So the UN hates Israel and America. Why? Just look at who was behind the creation of the UN.

Alger Hiss

An American communist lawyer who was convicted of spying for the Soviets. He helped form the United Nations, gee I wonder why? Because he was a man working for world revolution.

This man does not mince words, nor does he desire world revolution. He's blunt, no...not that kind of blunt!


"I wouldn't trust the United Nations to run a lemonade stand without thousands of people being needlessly killed."

There IS a double standard. Human rights atrocities happen all over the planet courtesy of brutal dictators, but Israel and America get most of the blame? Of course Russia, China and North Korea are all hotbeds of freedom and liberty today so why would the UN care about them when they can pick on one of the smallest countries on earth and the last remaining super power on the planet that can challenge them?


UN Human Rights Council "Resolutions," have condemned Israel more times than North Korea, or China.

Alger Hiss was a convicted communist Soviet spy who so happened to play a key role in the establishment of the United Nations.

Many Americans like Alger Hiss were communists, and still are today.

Many Jews like Leon Trotsky were communists, and still are today.

But not all Jews and not all Americans are communists working for world revolution and global governance.

Most of us just want to be free and don't want our daughters to be forced to cover their own faces, or be subjected to the rule of international law that supersedes our own sovereign national laws.

The United Nations and the whore's proponents want to permanently dissolve the idea of nation states and national sovereignty.

A, "World Democracy," controlled by a central source or a world republic of nation states?

I side with Israel and the United States of America.

The UN can suck my schlong.

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Let us get the story straight. The UN created Israel.

The vast majority of Eastern European Jews that make up the majority of Israelis have no blood ties to Palestine prior to 1917. Whatever land wealthy Zionists could not buy, they stole. Very powerful people, who abandoned most European Jews to the NAZIs,found plenty of money to bribe officials at the UN to ensure the Jewish immigrants got most of the land and virtually all of the really good land. Harry Truman went against the advice of his own political and military advisers to recognize Israel because he was expected to lose to Republican Tom Dewey in a landslide and he needed the contributions and the political influence.

As part of the 1947 agreement, Israel was bound to obey all UN resolutions; however, like the good Talmudic Jews they are, they feel no obligation to keep their word to the goyim ("cattle"). Israel, France and Great Britain tried to steal the Suez Canal and were stopped by Eisenhower. Israel has been threatening the Middle East with detonating a "dirty bomb" ever since they began their nuclear power program. While Zionists the world over are willing to start wars over "nuclear proliferation," Israel is NOT a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has never allowed inspection of their nuclear facilities. Israel attacked her neighbors in 1967 and builds settlements on land they stole during that war.

I am no friend of the UN, but I am even less a friend of the government of Israel and I take pride in considering Talmudic Jews to be enemies of humanity. BTW, here is what Harry Truman, who owes his election as POTUS to Zionist money.

"The Jews, I find are very, very selfish" Anti-Semite or just pissed off? Harry Truman, as quoted in the WASHINGTON POST, 1947

Short answer to Why?

The UN plays good cop bad cop..plays both Left and Right, and is both pro and anti Israel.
The UN Zionist Political cabal use Israel ruthlessly to create division, profit from "aid", standby and do nothing more than hand wringing at the senseless death, destruction and displacement of thousands of human lives, while they live in untold luxury behind shiny black doors and locked gates in Geneva.
The UN is a true Medusa...many heads, but only one neck!