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Attorney: Cops in N.M. Colonoscopy Search Case May Have Been Motivated by Victim's (White) Race

Police forced New Mexico scrap metal tradesman David Eckert to undergo two digital anal probes, three enema insertions and ultimately a colonoscopy after officers incorrectly assumed he was concealing drugs, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court on his behalf.

Albuquerque civil rights attorney Shannon Kennedy is representing Eckert and says she is seeking "in excess of $1 million in punitive damages alone" from the law enforcement and medical personnel responsible and their employers.

The apparent justification for the search, Kennedy said, was that police believed Eckert's buttocks were clenched during the traffic stop.

But, she said, it's also possible the officers just didn't like how her client looks.

"Maybe the officers who did this don't like him living in their community," said Kennedy. "He's a white boy, a scraggly white boy, and all these officers are Hispanic. It's a New Mexico thing."


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Fella needs a new

Fella needs a new attorney...
1 million dollars?
He should be seeking full ownership of the state of New Mexico.