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3 Million registered Virginia Voters did not vote, Republicans Still Blame Sarvis

There are 5,240,438 registered voters in VA. 2,138,613 people voted in the race.

with the all out attack against Sarvis by the Republicans over the past several days, the GOP got some of the people that would have voted for Sarvis back.

Republicans still lost because they had a bad candidate. Republicans want to dismiss the civil liberties aspect on social issues but many are no longer going to support the social conservative agenda.

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Women are winning the War on

Women are winning the War on Men.

I agree. Although VA appears

I agree.

Although VA appears to be turning blue (2 Dem senators and now awful McAuliffe as Gov) I still think Rand could beat Hillary here following the script he's been using. A statewide national election brings military issues into play and VA is heavily neocon, but if Rand ran on a Reaganesque "peace through strength" platform, that plus his economic positions would make him a strong candidate here. VA us still conservative on economic issues and this would be Hillary's weakest spot.

The fact that Rand actively campaigned for Cooch would help him with the religious right, still a strong faction here, although it would hurt him with younger liberty leaners. If he could successfully project a softer side, as Ron did, he could recapture enough of the young vote to make up the difference that Cooch lost.

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is a 40% turnout. How many people just did not vote because it was such a negative campaign?

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