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All 9 Texas Amendments Passed! Texas loves Big Government!

None of them were even remotely close...
It is as if people just went straight down their ballot checking Yes, Yes, Yes I want more government thank you may I have another!


Prop-6 Passed in flying colors, water for the State and Corporations, dry streams for land owners and Matagorda Bay.

Voters could have sold their first born away if the Amendment on the ballot had a pretty sounding name.

This state, I tell you...

On the bright side, the stupid astrodome $217 million bond failed.

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The demographic of Texas is quickly changing I believe

due to Mexican immigration. It's projected to soon become a blue state.

Not familiar with the race but to me

it looks like only 6 was clearly bad.

Not to say that Texas doesn't disappoint me with it's deep conflation of conservatism with fascism, (corporate welfare and licensing laws everywhere must mean 'free' markets amirite?) but just from this vote I don't see a troubling trend.


4/9 were tax breaks, 1 was to end a medical board no longer in use. Houston voted down a massive tax hike to renovate the astro dome, corpus christi voted down a 44 million dollar tax hike to revitalize downtown.


I voted yes on 2, 8 and

I voted yes on 2, 8 and 9.
For the rest, if they're going to give tax breaks, it needs to apply to every citizen. The reverse mortgage and air plane parts tax break were just idiotic.

Southern Agrarian

The $99 Million school bond

The $99 Million school bond for Katy ISD ( West Houston) and its accompanying $69 million new stadium bond failed too. For comparison, The University of Houstons new football stadium will cost $105 million.

Southern Agrarian

Just another result of the dumbing down of society.

Same thing in the locals in Louisiana. Along with the pussyfication of men we should have a nice stupid country of cowards before long. Oops, already here.