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I think it's the same actor interviewed at LAX shooting and 9/11 twin towers

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Don't know if he's the same guy from 9/11, but

that voice sounds familiar to me. I think he's the voice that made a "panic call" to Alex Jones show one day about a year ago with some crazy story that govt or aliens were after him to kill him because he knew too much. He hung up on Alex in "panic". He had that same jerky actor stutter, also used by that actor at Sandy Hook who played the father of the daughter that was supposedly killed there.
This Nick Pugh does seem to be acting though, no question about it.
Damn, when does it end - I feel like we're living in the twilight zone.

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It ends...

when we convict all of these bastards for treason.

Our judgement will end this.

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I Didn't See Any Similarity

Am I missing something?


Nick Pugh

As Nick Pugh, he gives a TED TALK about PAINTING (of all topics):
Look at the YouTube comments. People are waking up. This guy is going to find it difficult to get around in public without being spotted.


Another over-used crisis actor.
(comparison begins at 53 second into this clip)


The people who comment on this thread saying this is OBVIOUSLY wrong -- look at the quality of their posts and comments. You won't find liberty-lovers; you'll find FAKERS.

This is very strange

That guy is obviously full of crap. If he is an actor, he isn't a good one. Not sure if those videos are of the same person, but both appear to be of a guy spewing bovine excrement.

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I'm not a conspiracy theorist

but I do have some expertise in telling whether or not someone is lying.

When asked what he was doing there, he didn't give a reason but an excuse that he didn't have his ID or ticket, which didn't explain anything.

But not just this immediate response to the question, but his entire interview, he was looking down, a tell for those who lie. When recalling incidents, most people look up (visualizing or recollecting) what they experienced when replying in such a manner.

As far as his potential acting abilities, if he was to appear nervous he did, but his incoherent manner of speaking was about as fake as one could be.

Who goes to LAX for any other reason except to go to work, pick someone up, drop someone off, or fly? That in and of itself is funny as hell.

Catch you all later...going to go to the airport and hang out today!

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Sorry, but they don't even

Sorry, but they don't even look or sound the same... not very good evidence...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

They sound the same to me...

...and they look similar enough to me that they could be the same person, especially given the fact that the guy would be 12 years older now.

Maybe because you want them

Maybe because you want them to sound and look the same...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

his whole account of how they let him go...

it's just all wacked out... "they looked in my backpack, they frisked me a couple times, i don't have my id, so i couldn't, or my ticket or anything, but, i just told them... i guess they saw that i didn't have any weapons or evidence of, you know, doing any of this stuff..."

what exactly did he "just tell them", "i'm an agent"? "i'm cia", what?

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You don't need an ID to fly

You don't need an ID to fly. I'd think the conspiracy experts would know this! Anyway, this makes perfect sense. A black ops co-conspirator/witness/real shooter, executes a perfect plan, excepts fails to get a fake ID, and to conceal his identity, he gives an interview to a local news station.

And somehow 13-years ago he looks older than he does now.

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The 911 dude is definitely

The 911 dude is definitely bogus. Just like the perfectly clean "it was devastating" firefighter. But I'm not sure the LAX guy is the same guy.


For someone who claims he was in the mess since 11 AM

I can't see a speck of dirt on him or his chin-mounted dust mask. Vietnam must have been as tidy as he was, because he even told us, "I wouldn't kid you, I wouldn't lie"! 0:54

Real firefighters, and everyone paying attention, KNOW this guy is fake! The only reason to listen to him is to determine what ideas and notions was he sent to plant through the media coverage he was officially dressed up to give us.

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Look like different people,

but both are definitely reading from a script. How can u expect to get on a plane and not have ID. What I never noticed from the 9/11 footage was the man at the end who declined to be interviewed. Looks very suspicious in hindsight, already had ventilation facemask same day towers fell.

Definitely an actor

I seem to think this is the same guy, looking at his motions as he speaks and the cut of his shoulders are identical.

Not a very good actor though whoever he is!

God knows who the real culprits are and that is what matters most, because they will be dealt with one day to the fullest!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I can't tell from his

I can't tell from his features but they sure have the same speech pattern with lots of detail??? It's pretty bad to distrust your gov't so completely that everything else seems to make more sense.

Hard for me to believe

They would use the same actors... If you pull off the biggest conspiracy of modern times its usually a good idea for that group to go dark, forever. I just cant imagaine the line of logic that would have led to this "hey, lets get that one guy we used over a decade ago, he had a great day rate"


Thanks for posting.

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"Mark Walsh" and "Nick Pugh"?
Same person? Looks and sounds the same but could they just be very similar?
Mark was a "free-lancer" with FOX? Towers fell because of "obvious structure failure"? Obviously, but what caused the failure?
Nick, if he is the same person, sure found a camera to be in front of.

Confirmation is needed. Article is short on multiple proofs however.

O U R P L A N = R O N P U A L (Coinsidence? I think not.)

Yeah I cannot say for sure he is the same guy

but his voice and speech patterns, as well as how he looks seem to be a pretty good match. I just thought it was interesting enough to post on here.

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