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WAKE up GOP let VA be the call!

So maybe VA governor elections should be a HUGE message to the Republican party. Adjust your platform to be for greater personal liberty, massively less government, and stop acting as the world's police or you will remain in the LOSS column in all close states. Dispatching Ron Paul was a nice trick but people would rather have the wolf in wolf clothes.

Lastly I get Ron Paul firmly believes in changing the party from the inside, but to ask libertarians to vote this way was in very poor form, and I am a bit disappointed.

My first post ever, thank you to the dp site!

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the establishment (r's and

the establishment (r's and d's) wanted the "tea party" candidate to lose.

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in return

they handed Christie a lame candidate to run against so he could walk away looking like a superstar.

After all, Christie is the democratic party's guy anyway.