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Doug Casey explains how to protect your money from the US government 11/6/13


“You’ve got to diversify your political risk. If you have your bank account in a US bank, it’s eligible to being seized by any number of government agencies, to being seized by a frivolous lawsuit. So, for your own benefit…if you have your liquid assets in a different political jurisdiction, you’re insulating yourself from a lot of other risks. So I think it’s critical that every American that can should have a foreign bank account, not to evade taxes or evade creditors, but simply for self protection.”

Mr. Casey went on to explain that capital controls are almost a foregone conclusion in the near future for America. “Governments rarely ever control themselves but they do like to control their subjects.”

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Casey is another good source

Casey is another good source that should get a lot more "ink" here on the Daily PAUL.