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Plagiarism Rand Paul: How to get this issue to go away, Start looking at Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz writing and speeches

If you look for something long enough, you will find it. I just want to say that these plagiarism charge on Rand Paul is BS. How many times can you say statement "A" until it is consider plagiarizing. And like Rand said it is not like he didn't give credit to the person or the idea. Again I've been through College and these people are clearly engulf in the stupidity of writing rules... A good teacher will say it's fine you've referenced it here I should be able to understand. Clearly the people who hates Rand are not understanding and wants to nick pick. And we've all had a teacher who's like this. Sometime it's good sometimes they are just stupid. In this case the liberal media is just stupid.

How to make this issue go away? Start looking at Hillary Clinton's and Ted Cruz's writing and speech, find that they are doing the same thing or worst and see if the media will show it's true ugly head.


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