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Obamacare explained

Step 1. Petition government to mandate every person buy your product unless they have an existing plan.
Step 2. Remove all existing plans.
Step 3. Profit.

This is corporatism.

Obamacare was architected by Elizabeth Folwer, a former WellPoint lobbyist (the nation’s largest health insurance provider).

This bill only passed because of vague assurances like "you can keep your plan" without explaining that there is nothing requiring the insurance companies to continue offering those plans. In fact, these low-cost plans must remain completely unchanged for them to remain
"grandfathered" (legal).

"We" voted for it, and we got it. "We" being those in power, who are essentially the rich. The rich buy elections, get their friends in power, and proceed to reap the rewards.

This is what happens when government grows in scope: The wealthy, whether it be corporations or individuals, become the ones who can force others what to do.

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