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(Video 1:31) I Outsourced My Street Art

Hey guys,

Check out my new video. I teach some special guests how to make concise political statements by way of peaceful vandalism.


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Mafia = Government!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Very nice.

A simple but thought provoking message. I always say that if you get at least one person to think you have already won.

"Life is just a candle, and a dream must give it flame.."

thank you! I have some other

thank you! I have some other good content in the works.

decades ago

Long story, but what you might find interesting.. the surfer trash I collected doing my beach clean-ups.. I talked surf and skate shops into letting me do the windows.. I did some pretty cool set designs using the broken boards, lost leashes, wax wrapers, and they were such a hit, that got me into Los Angeles Times cover of Metro and L.A. Style. I didn't have to pay anyone, it was all legal and I made my point. Maybe you can find some windows to dress?

Thats rad, is there a link to

Thats rad, is there a link to the LA Times cover you got? I would love to check it out. I am not trying to become a street artist although I do admire some (like Banksy). Right now I am really trying to make videos that interest me and will hopefully get some people thinking. I am going to release new videos every week on my youtube channel for now and see where that takes me. I am heavily influenced by libertarianism and an anti-authoritarian view and would like to inject those ideologies into my videos.

I don't

It was the Metro section 1990..

I believe that if you find legitimate locations and can give credibility and respect to your influences, it will take you where you never imagined, but not to jail. Jail is not rad.

Break a leg.

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Loved it! Did you pay the

Loved it! Did you pay the fellows well? How many signs were put up?

Yup i payed them $50 bucks

Yup i payed them $50 bucks each for less than an hour of work. We just put up that one sign, will definitely make more videos like it.


Fight fire with fire

That was genius!

Home Depot squatters will come in handy during the 2016 elections. I'm gonna save up and create jobs during this upcoming elections ;)

Let me know what you guys

Let me know what you guys think / bump (shameless self promotion?)

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Nice. Would you explain your reason for the


before i answer i want to

before i answer i want to know what you think

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Honestly I couldn't see why you

placed a high value on it, I was puzzled and intrigued since it din't really provide cover for you; I guess it enlivens the video a bit to have more people involved; but I've found Banksy's earlier solo work as riveting as when he had more support. Anyway, good work. Kudos.


you don't end up in jail. Dua!!