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Paul Ryan On The Record

- Paul Ryan was born January 29, 1970 in Janesville, Wisconsin to Elizabeth A. "Betty" (née Hutter) and Paul Murray Ryan.

-In 2012 the Associated Press published a story saying that the Tea Party movement had gotten Paul Ryan, "one of its ideological heroes", into the Vice Presidential slot. http://news.yahoo.com/tea-party-gets-man-ryan-vice-president...

- Paul Ryan/Patty Murray Budget Deal: a plan to cut $23 Billion is spending over the next 10 years but do so by increasing spending by $65 Billion right now.

- In 2008, Paul Ryan pledged to stop seeking earmarks. In fiscal year 2008, Ryan garnered $5.4 million in congressional earmarks. In 2009, he successfully advocated with the Department of Energy for stimulus funds for energy initiatives in his district.

- Following the closing of factories in Janesville and Kenosha, constituents expressed dissatisfaction with Paul Ryan’s votes and support. During the 2011 Congressional summer break, Ryan held town hall meetings by telephone with constituents, but no free, in-person listening sessions. The only public meetings Ryan attended in his district required an admission fee of at least $15. In August, 2011, constituents in Kenosha and Racine protested when Ryan would not meet with them about economic and employment issues, after weeks of emailed requests from them. Ryan's Kenosha office locked its doors and filed a complaint with the police, who told the protesters that they were not allowed in Ryan's office. Ryan maintains a mobile office to serve constituents in outlying areas.

- Paul Ryan voted YES on Passage: H.R. 325 - To Increase the Debt Limit.

- Paul Ryan voted YES on the Resolution: H.Res. 99 - The rule providing for consideration of H.R. 933 (containing the Continuing Resolution to fund the United States government). This closed rule does allow for any extended debate or amendments to the CR, thus allowing a bill that spends at the rate of over $1 trillion per year to be passed without any input from individual Members of Congress on the floor of the House.

- Paul Ryan voted YES for NDAA Indefinite Detention which allows for the arrest of US citizens on American soil and detain them indefinitely without charges or trial.

- Paul Ryan voted YES for CISPA – Warrantless Surveillance which expressly authorizes monitoring of our private communications, and permits companies to hand over large swaths of personal information to the government with no judicial oversight.

- Paul Ryan voted YES for The Protect America Act - Civilian Surveillance without Warrants, a controversial amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that removed the warrant requirement for federal agents spying on targets “reasonably believed” to be outside the United States, with no Fourth Amendment protections for US citizens on the United States side of an international electronic communication such as an email or phone call. It removed even the secret FISA court warrant as a requirement for spying, and allowed the Attorney General to issue year-long warrants to federal agents.

- Paul Ryan voted YES twice on making the PATRIOT Act permanent.

- Paul Ryan voted YES on Passage: H.R. 2642 - Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act (Farm Bill). The bill also creates a brand new, unnecessary, entitlement program, the "shallow-loss" crop insurance program.

- Paul Ryan voted NO on the Amendment: H.Amdt. 413 - to prevent the NSA from blanket metadata collection on Americans without specific authorization. This amendment, by Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) protects a basic 4th Amendment right by requiring that the NSA can only gather electronic data from people who are actively under an investigation with approval of the FISA court. This is basic due process under the law - you need a specific warrant to search and seize an individual's physical property; the same should apply to that individual's communications and digital property.

- Paul Ryan voted NO on Agreeing to the Amendment: H.Amdt.1003 - Substitute amendment containing the Republican Study Committee budget for FY 2013. The amendment would replace Paul Ryan's budget proposal, which does not balance until after 2040, with the Republican Study Committee's alternative proposal, which would balance in five years. The RSC's budget also simplifies the tax code, reforms Medicare and Social Security, and caps federal spending at just below 2008 levels. The RSC budget is the kind of aggressive but workable reform we need in order to get America back on the path to fiscal sustainability.

- Paul Ryan voted NO on Agreeing: H.Amdt.169 to prevent the 2011 budget to pay for inflated union wages. This bill would prevent any projects in the 2011 budget from being required to comply with Davis-Bacon wage requirements. Davis-Bacon is a leftover from the New Deal era which costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year because it requires government contractors to pay "local prevailing wages" for every project, which usually leads to expensive union labor receiving the contracts.

- Paul Ryan voted YES on Passage: S. 365 - The Budget Control Act of 2011. This weak bill, the “Budget Control Act of 2011”, allows President Obama to raise the debt ceiling to over $16 trillion, in exchange for undetermined spending cuts to be decided by a "Super-Committee" picked from both parties. This committee is unlikely to be able to agree to any real spending cuts, and is allowed to use tax increases to create the necessary deficit reductions.

- Paul Ryan voted YES on Passage: H R 2346 Supplemental Appropriations, FY 2009. The bill includes a $100 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout. The bill contains funding for other projects that should not be used as a vehicle to ram IMF funding through Congress. Using this method to get the IMF funding passed is dirty Washington politics and law makers should reject it.

- Paul Ryan voted YES on Agreeing to the Senate Amendment: H.R. 3997 - Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (T.A.R.P. vote). This bill is a vehicle for the massive government bank bailout, including the Troubled Assets Relief Program (T.A.R.P.). Bailing out banks that have made bad investments distorts the free market by creating a 'moral hazard'.

- Paul Ryan voted YES On Motion to Concur with Senate Amendments: H.R. 1424 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (2nd T.A.R.P. Vote). This bill would provide a $700 billion bailout for the financial industry.

- Paul Ryan voted YES On Passage: H.R. 7321 - Auto Industry Financing and Restructuring Act (Auto Bailout). This legislation would provide $14 billion in taxpayer loans to eligible U.S. automakers.


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Good Job

I went to one of first big tea party rallies in SE WI .. and i couldn't believe Paul Ryan was one of the top speakers .. Then i knew the tea party was compromised .. He was up there preacher how us the commoners needed to be responsible, live with in our means, while the approved all these bailouts for the big guys .. it made me sick .. but the republican partiers would hoot and holler .. UGGGGGG

DJP333's picture

This "on the record"

thing is a great idea! You've covered some of the Republican favorites now. Think you should do one on Hillary. Here are some of her sins:


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
"Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves."

Hillary's is done and here:


2014 Liberty Candidate Thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/287246/2014-liberty-candidate-thread

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"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Thanks, DJP333, I will

I will use that :-)

2014 Liberty Candidate Thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/287246/2014-liberty-candidate-thread

2016 Potential Presidential Candidates: http://alturl.com/mt7tq

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This thread is excellent.

This thread is excellent. Please continue.

More to come.

It takes time, so please bare with me :-)


2014 Liberty Candidate Thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/287246/2014-liberty-candidate-thread

2016 Potential Presidential Candidates: http://alturl.com/mt7tq

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul