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Statistics on men and boys in education

Statistics on men and boys in education

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has recently released its report “Highlights of Women’s Earnings in 2012.” Stepping past the obvious question as to why women’s issues are visible at all in an institution which (we are led to believe) is in the iron clutches of “partriarchy” (an argument often used to dismiss or marginalize men’s issues), we might also ask how the data in this report bodes for men and boys in the context of education. That is what I will do here.

In particular, let’s look at this graph on page 4 on data on men’s and women’s earnings relative to the degree of educational attainment from 1979-2012:


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That's a depressing chart.

That's a depressing chart. Shows just how much the loss of well paying manufacturing jobs has impacted men without higher education.

Undereducated women are getting by better, with jobs in the service industry I presume, but the men... they're scrambling to make a living, or on the dole, or in prison.

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other stats

Stats on educated, and even getting an education are coming out the same. The environment for boys even in grade-school has become horrible. Probably the most well-known piece of the systematic attack has to do with getting kicked out of school for pointing your finger like a gun. They're punishing all normal male behavior.

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