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The button

I have been thinking about a scenario I don't remember if I came up with it myself or if I got the original idea from here somewhere. Anyway I like the scenario it, it kind of describes the current financial system and corruption.

If you would get 50 000 dollars for pressing a button, but doing so you know it will be taken from 10 persons you don't know and they would have no way of finding out that you were responsible.

If you press it twice you would get 200 000 dollars but it would end with one person you don't know injuring himself with a permanent damage again no one but you would know that you were the cause.

If you press it three times you 4 000 000 dollars but it would end with one person you don't know dying and as before you will not be held responsible for the action even if you were the cause.

Every time you press it after 3 you get only 90% of the money gained on on the last press but with all 3 consequences, no one knowing you were the cause.

There is one last option, you can destroy the button so that no one else may be able to use it, but it will cost you all the money and possessions you currently own.

Not pushing the button is also a choice

When you are done with your choice you can either choose to give a friend else it will go to another random person.

So how many times would you press it and who would the friend be? :P

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Zero, of course.

And I would keep it locked up (maybe encased in a block of concrete), so neither I nor anybody else could use it.

Too easy. Was this Robert Bloch's idea? (or Cyril Kornbluth's, or Frederik Pohl's, or Robert Sheckley's? I remember the story, but I'm too lazy to troll through my whole library...)

"You never really did know him."

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a novel of another america

You have to choose

if you walk away or hide it, it still goes to another random person magically appears if you will. I don't remember it was some time ago I saw it, wrote this from scratch though.

I like how this scenario describes power and the danger of it when it is kept in secret.