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Karl Rove 'Exposes' Himself in North Carolina!

Karl Rove is taking on the R3volution in North Carolina... And he is ready to lose!
the article is important, but the photo is hilarious!


He’s calling it “America’s Most Pivotal Senate Race,” and Thom Tillis is bringing in the big guns.

John Frank of Under the Dome reported Thursday morning that GOP strategist and longtime Republican king-maker Karl Rove will be traveling to North Carolina later this month to attend three fundraisers for US Senate candidate Thom Tillis. These three events will be in Cary, Fayetteville, and Charlotte.


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"Ohmygosh, I cannot look..."

less my eyes fall out of my skull.

Karl Rove has a special place in.........

Rove stinks of lies. Until I heard him, W. and Cheney, I never would've thought that roaches could talk.

Excellent ad, and a clear illustration of Rove the loser.

I'll be happily sending some $ to Brannon when I get some in the bank, anything I can do to stick it to the "antichrist" *cough*, excuse me, "the architect". Looks like I had an Obama inspired "I got burned by a website" moment there. lol

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton


he is one hell of a good dancer.

Is anyone aware of any

clearing house type of website for identifying and supporting liberty candidates in the upcomming elections ? It seems like something of the sort could be a good tool for letting the cream rise to the top a lot faster.

Ron Swanson

You bet there is!!!!!!!!

It is Run by Daily Paul user Jurgs01, who also runs the DP Liberty candidate thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/287246/2014-liberty-candidate-thread

along with: https://www.facebook.com/candidates4libertydotcom and: https://www.facebook.com/Liberty2014

If you know of anymore candidates or resources, drop a line to one of those places.

Jurgs vets every candidate, and if they pass, rates them as full liberty candidates, or fellow travelers, depending on voting records and positions.


I've had the same problem. Clearly something needs to be done to consolidate the information. I hope there is one I'm just not aware of.

The Liberty Candidate section of the DP:

2014 Liberty Candidate Thread at the DP:
Tons of info here

The Tea Party Express

Liberty Candidates

Ron Paul Forums.com > Liberty Candidates

There is one, see my comment above.

I live in NC

and Tillis has A LOT of baggage. Just like Rove to pick the loser. I just heard on the radio that Brannon had material on his website that was a complete cut and paste from Rand Paul's website. So, now he will remove it, apology, but said that he agrees with everything Rand says.

Isn't that, (gasp, shock horror!!!)



Bahahaha What a great ad.

Brannon is a hell of a guy. Kay Hagan is going to be difficult to unseat. Especially when the Rino machinations are fighting him tooth and nail.

A wild fire of individual donations from all over the country is what it's going to take. Do the stakes get much higher?

She would not be difficult

to unseat with a good candidate. No one likes her; she is just like Elizabeth Dole was...no constituent communication until she is up for election and her office staff is really really rude. I think Brannon could win, but like I said, Tillis has baggage...he's corrupt.


It appears the est. isn't willing to support him.

Unfortunately, as I pointed out here he's way behind in the polls. That's a few months ago, hopefully things have changed.

The corrupt unfortunately have the upper hand.

"On a list of Top 10 Recipients of Contributions from Lobbyists in 2013 from Open Secrets, Hagan ranked 6th on the list with $70,300 in lobbyist contributions." - open secrets via ballotopedia

I certainly hope you're right. If NC voters do the smallest bit of research and Brannon gains momentum, it could be a race.

It's too early

to depend on the polls. Tillis is the name most people recognize because he has been office, but the campaign has not started yet. Too early. He has lots of baggage; Hagan probably hopes he is her opponent. She is not well-liked at all....very arrogant, never hear from her until now, does not like her constituents. Sort of like the former governor, Bev Perdue, who said she was embarrassed by the people of the state who voted for the ban on gay marriage as a constitutional amendment because it made her feel like she was in Mississippi! How stupid can you be. No one like her at all...Dem or Repub and she wisely chose not run again.

Brannon Had 4,000 Facebook likes back then

He has 37,786 now and climbing, I know that is not everything, but it is a good yardstick.

Also, Rand has endorsed him since then. Tillis only has 31,776 likes :)

If you are on facebook (I am not) please post the Rove photo on Tillis' page and anywhere else NC voters go.



Hah, me either. The DP is my social media.

Dang us.

No wonder we lose so much :( look on the bight side though, maybe there are more of us than we think:



Rove cant travel to a number of countries for fear

of being arested for war crimes, yet in the country he has betrayed he is not held accountable in fact he is rewarded handsomly and continues to destroy with impunity.

Discustingly filthy sub human slim puppet, carl rove.


Times change

Asclepius's picture

Turd blossom strikes again!

I think he should be referred to in the media by his nickname-
"Turd blossom"

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley

Nice add.

Nice add.

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

It's impossible for me to put

It's impossible for me to put into ordinary language how I feel about that creature. Nauseated. Disgust. Loathing. Look at his piggy features. He just makes me sick.

I could add a great deal more to the whiteboard.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Brannon is the opposite