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I'm looking for the original Ron Paul moneybomb videos

I'm looking for the original Ron Paul moneybomb videos. There is one video in particular that shows a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party in the beginning, and music. I can't seem to find it.


Answer: Land of the Free by GHoeberX





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Original $ bomb vids: The one, the only, GHoeber X

GHoeberX produced two heavy hitting inspirational videos. The one above and, yes, oh, yes -- this one, a video I must've watched one thousand times. "He's catching on." Almost. We're catchin' on.

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Oh My Gosh

Oh my gosh, this video makes me feel the same way it did in 2007, just absolutely thrilled and thankful to be part of this wonderful movement of individuals to restore Liberty in our lifetime.

Brought together, by the Statesman of our lifetime, God bless the good Doctor Ron Paul. We are all richer for both his teachings and the opportunity to connect with one another.