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Felony Friday: Return Airport Security To The Airlines

In June we reported that a former TSA agent was arrested on felony cocaine charges. This week WKBW reported that Todd Stoddard received a very lenient sentence when he was sentenced to up to five years probation.

I’m not a lawyer, but that seems like a very minimal sentence for being charged with six counts related to possession, sale, and use of cocaine. Apparently, there must be some legal perks that come with TSA employment. On top of that, if Mr. Stoddard has any trouble finding work, he could always find a job working as an ObamaCare navigator.

When a TSA agent screws up, it reflects poorly on the entire organization. This is not unique to the TSA, the private sector deals with the same headaches when one of their own brings shame to the organization

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Yes please

Privatize it then you can hire, fire, evaluate, etc. to find the best offering. Not this gargantuan garbage agency that has been imposed by the powers that be.


Remove government from the security business, please.

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