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Deep Structural Cracks Manifesting within the Economic and Monetary Systems (Republicae)

If any of you recall the rather heated debates on the subject of Deflation, particularly those with DP member Greed, then you will remember I said, on several occasions that the world we live in is entirely different that the one during the period of The Great Depression. I contended that the economy was a very different economy with very different dynamics than those at play during the 1930s, indeed, even money and the financial markets are completely different now then at that period. I stated that the period we now live in would be marked by not only inflation, but also deflationary pressures. It will prove to be a monster that no one, especially government appointed central bankers will be able to contend with any degree of success. It is a new world in which the universe of economic indicators will be so skewed by distortions that the forces of economic and monetary manipulations that the establishment economists will fail to either understand or come up with a viable solution to stop the slaughter of our society.

There appears to be a definite increase in the deep structural cracks manifesting within the economic and monetary system causing confusion to abound throughout the global halls of money power and the dysfunctional political asylum we are subjected to as involuntary participates. The Panic of 2008 was simply the beginning of the systemic collapse that will ultimately consume not only the United States, but will have definite socio-economic-political ramifications around the globe. What has been produced through decades of manipulation is an economic and monetary system that are completely inundated with distortions, misdirection and misallocation. The mesh of economic confusion is so tightly woven that there will be absolutely no solutions coming from official sources because they are steeped in the mire of Proto-Keyneisan, Keyneisan, and Post-Keynesian shallow-minded dogma.

We will witness a growing mix of stagflation, deflation and inflationary pressures and events, the results of these cycles will completely allude the minds of the mainstream economic establishment. They are unaware, blind to the fact that within the mix of co-existing stagflation, deflation and inflation, these pressures will not only happen simultaneously within this distortion they call the economy, but each of these pressures have formed what could be considered a symbiotic relationship, feeding the distortions in a manner what will prove to be not only unprecedented, but totally confusing to the bureaucratic establishment mentality. It is becoming very evident that these events are beginning to dominate the markets, causing confusion at the highest levels of market activity. Corruption runs rampant and is so deeply-seated that main-street has been essentially shutout of any real possibility of gain from the markets.

Accurate information on the markets, pricing, charts and various indicators, is skewed and rarely takes into account the multitude of external information that places pressures on the markets. The big quake will come when, as we have been seeing for the last few years, the U.S. Dollar hegemony is directly challenged rather than just a matter of discussion by the governments of countries that have finally realized just what such hegemony really means economically and decades of Dollar inflation has been effectively exported to shores beyond these United States.

There is a substantial global revolt taking place, mainly behind the scenes, against the world we have grown accustom to in this country and the effects of this revolt will prove to be such a shift in structural direction that this country has been taken that few will be able to cope with the consequences. That shift is just the beginning of the monumental forces that will finally place a myriad of pressures upon the economic and monetary systems of not only the U.S. but the world.

We only catch glimpses, tid-bits of what is actually taking place behind the scenes, but there are indicators that are present on the global stage, one being the massive amounts of gold that is being purchased by various countries, particularly those in the East, like China. The Dollar is rapidly losing command and the U.S. Treasury Bonds have been effectively trapped in an inescapable quagmire that is now dependent upon the Federal Reserve for the majority of purchases.

The battle over Dollar hegemony is rapidly moving from mere preparations into a full-fledged array of battlements and flags unfurled and the defenses of the Western Government sponsored Banksters are proving increasingly insufficient to ward off the invaders. The only weapons left in the arsenal is to continue the war-torn strategy of massive inflation to cover its crimes not only against the Citizens of the United States, but also of other countries who have been subjected to decades of fiat foolery! For decades they have used the corrupt system of fiat currencies to manipulate the economic systems of not only the United States, but of all countries that have been forced to use the Dollar as the world's reserve currency. The opposition is rising rapidly on a global scale, one that will be extremely difficult to restrain with what was once common tactics of the Western Banking Cartel.

The question will be what will come from all of this? At this point it's anyone's guess, but with the mounting evidence we might be able to come up with some educated guesses. There appears to be a growing call for international reforms, but reforms that will not set well with either Western governments or their Bankster patrons. These reforms could include the management of bank reserves, the manner in which sovereign bonds are structured and issued, trade settlements, debt ratings and the way in which settlements are distributed. To the shock of many in the Western financial world, there maybe a push toward eventual justice, not merely reform.

As events unfold, the commonly-held concepts surrounding inflation and deflation will no longer make much sense, especially to those who still hold that the same mechanisms that prevailed during the period of The Great Depression in terms of deflation or the period of the Wiemar Republic in terms of inflation. The interpretation of all the factors that will surround the upcoming global shift will depend on a new understanding of all the mechanisms that have come into play on the global economic and monetary stage. We are already seeing hyper-inflation as well as what can be called deflation or a decay of assets. Normal assumptions of inflation and deflation tend to float around prices, but that is not the case; inflation and deflation are monetary phenomenons. We have, especially since the Panic of 2008, seen a massive hyper-inflationary agenda by the Federal Reserve and by just about all the central banks globally, but the effect has not yet been manifested within the markets, they are currently only responding to first stage and that is the influx of new liquidity. We have seen monetary inflation on a scale that has not been matched in history, Quantitative Easing with the monetization of U.S. and Euro Bonds is only the preliminary stages of a hyper-inflationary event that will witness a simultaneous hyper-deflationary event.

In fact, several years ago, here on the DP, I stated that the historical fear of deflation is usually the impetus for central bank inflation. That was indeed the case, for they misinterpreted the bursting of the artificial bubble they created through monetary policy as historic deflation, when, in fact, it was part of the boom/burst cycle they themselves created. The response was to attempt to re-inflate the bubble, but, as usual, they have been unable to make that correction through the use of monetary inflation because the economic potency of the fiat currency has been neutralized through inflationary depreciation over the decades.

The fact is that we are in the stage of monetary hyper-inflationary and the pressure that is mounting toward eventual hyper-price jumps that we enter into the next stage of the hyper-inflationary event, it is completely unavoidable at this point. On the reverse side, there has been and continues to be type of asset deflation that is taking place in real estate, mortgage bonds and even in bank equity.

The U.S. Economy however, has become completely addicted to and dependent upon the continued monetary stimulus of the FED, we have deficit spending dependent upon the monetizing of bonds, monetary easing that is totally supporting mortgage rates and if it were not for direct monetary inflation all types of assets would crumble. The problem is structural, and no amount of monetary inflation can repair those structural issues, for the solution to the problems in this economy are not based in the quantity of money but the quality of money, thus, because of this fact, we will continue to witness both inflationary and deflationary pressures coming to bear on this economy simultaneously.

Now, another factor that is very hard to verify is all that is taking place within the vast derivative markets, that factor may prove to be one of the final nails in the global economic coffin. Add to this factor the really weak credit links within the Global Supply Chain and we have the makings of an economic implosion that is hard to even imagine, one that could quickly take civilization back six or seven centuries.

The fact is that the financial system, and the fiat economy that created it, has already been destroyed, there is no picking up the pieces because they are still falling. The problems are beginning to manifest as the cost structure within the economy continues to rise, capital is is shambles, profits are both distorted and decimated, eventually we will see liquidation on a massive scale, liquidation that will expose actual value verses the artificially inflated prices that has, until this point, seemed to be impressive. Home sales, said to be on the rise, are being artificially propped up by the vast number of institutional investors that are mopping up blocks of homes at bargain-basement prices from the big banks portfolios that are still filled with toxic assets despite the patronage of the FED to purchase $85 Billion a month in mortgage securities and bonds. Strangely, the more the inflationary pressure the more the destruction of capital, the more the destruction of capital the greater increase in the value of assets, thus the circle continues unabated. It is almost as though the FED and everyone involved in the markets are totally incapable of understanding the mechanisms that are at work in such an economy.

We live in a time when, as a last gasp for life, the powers of the world just might attempt to do what they hate to do and that is to institute some sort of gold-backed system as a last ditch effort to save a system that should have died long ago. One thing is almost certain, those involved with the official global criminal cabal will have one last stretch of notoriety as their faces appear on wanted posters: Dead or Alive!

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“The technotronic era

“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities,” wrote Brzezinski.

Ah, but did you listen to Brzezinski lament and state that American domination was no longer possible because of an accelerating social change driven by “instant mass communications such as radio, television and the Internet,” which have been cumulatively stimulating “a universal awakening of mass political consciousness.”

He went on to say: “rise in worldwide populist activism is proving inimical to external domination of the kind that prevailed in the age of colonialism and imperialism.”

That “persistent and highly motivated populist resistance of politically awakened and historically resentful peoples to external control has proven to be increasingly difficult to suppress.”

They know they are losing, they are fearful of the loss of power, but they are beginning to recognize that it will be increasingly difficult to control the overwhelming information awareness that is taking place around the world.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

Thank you both for probably the best discussion/debate....

Thank you both ( Republicae & Ralph Waldo ) for one of the better discussion/debates i've come across on the DP. I read all the way through it. I see both your points of view and agree with both your points as funny as that may sound. It's so hard to call this one. I ask myself the same questions all the time while riding this event as it plays out.

Will the banks hold the bail out money & easing and not lend which would tighten credit thus causing a depressionary collapse, or will the banks free the money and loosen credit adding to the debt bubble?

Is it possible that the US has plans to open up our oil reserves, military backing, agri land, water supply and maybe even have that 8 tons of gold in ft Knox and claim a new oil standard or gold standard backing the US dollar? Perhaps they are flooding the world with dollars in order for the dollar to be the "one world currency".

In theory (without manipulation), when public sector debt is rising , gold rises in value and when private sector debt goes up, then gold falls, then can the FED really begin to slowly lessen government debt and begin a new expanding private debt based economy, which would bring us into another cycle that would last for “X” amount of years?

Will the US and the G10-G20 nations go to commodity based currencies based on precious metals, oil, land, agriculture and industrial capacity?

Can we have a peaceful revolution or even survive/ win a hot revolution? Throw out the bankers and arrest all parties involved in the corruption/destruction ? Or are we on the door step of complete tyranny and police state? Your arguments presented both sides of that argument, Do they realize they cant win ( at least over the USA ) and therefore opt to keep us happily free or at least happy slaves or do they really have the will to proceed with surveillance/drone/GPS tracking/cashless society etc..system?

Yes there is a stock, bond, dollar bubble, but my stocks are soaring for the time being ( yes I know why ) and I can pull monies out and buy things as needed and hopefully move out of it in advance of something disastrous. I did not buy gold at 500, nor did i buy it at nearly 2000. i think gold will fall further and i will probably buy into 10%-20% of my portfolio into metals when/if it goes lower. Do we buy land at such current high prices when we know it's in another bubble? Not all of us can farm. Do we pull out everything and hold cash buried in the back yard? Cashing out our portfolios and hold uninsured electronic dollars is scary also. Think Cyprus.
Fortunes have been lost listening to financial advice and making moves at the wrong time. This game could play out for many more years or it could end at any moment.

Thanks for both your theories. I play them out frequently.

Don't kid yourself!

The western banking cabal is firmly in control! Here's the deal!

1. The battle is between the eastern and western elite over control and domination of the emerging markets for the next 200 years.

2. The EU/American bankers hold all the big cards. This includes the most powerful military in history, the dominate currency, a global surveliance system, plus knowledge of where all the natural resources are located and - enough prison cells and labor camps to hold all the trouble makers!

3. In addition, they have amassed 700 trillion in fruadulent profits from the derivative market which most of the world would rather get paid from therefore they will not challenge the hegeomony and loose their investment.

The western banking cabal is not worried at all because they are sitting the cat bird seat and holding all the big cards!

Thank you. see above

Thank you for your point of view. See above comment

I am interested in the 700 Trillion

what was you said,

"they have amassed 700 trillion in fruadulent profits from the derivative market which most of the world would rather get paid from therefore they will not challenge the hegeomony and loose their investment"

explain this to me please....in a much detail as you can...thank you?


"The Crime of Our Time" by Danny Schecter.


I really don’t know how to say this without it sounding condescending and insulting. Please find more sources before making a statement like this:

"they have amassed 700 trillion in fruadulent profits from the derivative market which most of the world would rather get paid from therefore they will not challenge the hegeomony and loose their investment"

I admit I rented the video and did not read the book, but the video is so full of hyperbole it’s not even worth commenting on. At least he was smart enough to find a couple credible people, Jim Rogers and Peter Schiff, but really the context of their comments were not in tune with the rest of the video.

If you were interested in a video that comes the closest to the truth try “Inside Job”.


I was hoping you would provide me with your source of the $700 Trillion comment, I know what this number represents and it is often not represent in its proper context either. I did not see the number mentioned….the closest was the comment about CDS of 526 trillion, but I want to make sure we are talking about the same thing before commenting.

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I am of a different opinion

I am of a different opinion based on what I am reading in my research. I think the banking cabal has lost control, similar to when every empire in history lost control. The convergence of mismanagement and corruption, as with Rome, will finally come to roost. Like Rome, at the time the greatest empire at that point in the history of the world with the greatest military collapsed from pressures within and without. The Roman currency had been debased to the point of dysfunction, the economy itself faltered due to overwhelming domestic and foreign burdens, profits on paper were meaningless.

There comes point, and I am of the opinion that we have reached that point, that the nation lender will no longer care about the “debts” owed to them because they are well aware that the repayment of that debt in a worthless currency is the same as not being paid at all. There is growing evidence that the Western Banking Cabal is more than just worried, they are fearful and are attempting to cheat the system in ways that they feel might give them an out, but there is no out to be found. I put very little credence in their abilities, I have seen, through the decades, massive missteps on their corrupt path. You must also remember that the United States has already defaulted, replacing gold asset payments with paper payments after 1971, that completely changed the economic structure of the world. The United States could only do that because it was holding the big cards with the global reserve currency and the lender nations had no choice but to accept payment in paper rather than gold, it is no longer holding them any more than the banker patrons of this government.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

The deciding factor is the unprecedented military technology.

The Romans had superiour numbers of the same technology. The American military has what they call "full spectrum dominance". That's control of all aspects including financial, informational and firepower!

When you can demonstrate to any leader in the world that you can put a bunker buster bomb on any doorstep in the world including theirs, then you have the power to intimidate anyone and everyone in the world.

This ubiquitous power and total domination has never existed before and when you give the politicians and bankers that much power - they are going to use it. Therefore, you can blog and politic til the cows come home, but the only real power the people have left is the power of economic boycott and mass refusal to participate.

So That Explains How The Taliban Were Defeated

The U.S. military has been at war in Afghanistan for over 10 years.

If you ask the average American, they believe the superior technological might of the Army, Navy and Air Force crushed the Taliban decisively in battle after battle. The Taliban consisting of nothing more than light infantry could not possibly stand up to the onslaught of air to ground missile bombardment and the continuous pounding of heavy artillery and tank guns. Victory preserved the nascent democratic government led by Hamid Karzai.

Propaganda is indeed a powerful placebo when administered to a willing public, isn't it?

The truth is the Taliban are not defeated, just like the North Vietnamese were not defeated in the Vietnam war. The results have proven the failure of the U.S. government's imperialistic hubris unleashed by the "ubiquitous power and total domination" of their dogs of war. The people's capital could be put to more productive use instead of wasted on the preparation and prosecution of death, destruction and mayhem.

The goal was not a military victory,

The goal was to control enough land to protect the pipeline. They don't even mind hiring the Taliban to do the fighting as long as they have control of the oil, the rare earth minerals and the drug trade.

Guess where the largest Marine base in the world is located? Understand this and the rest should become clear.

Victory is Always the Military’s Objective

A soldier’s primary purpose in a theater of combat is to kill or capture a combatant. You cannot lead men into war without the promise of victory because to win is the primary motivator for risking one’s life. The military lies to its brainwashed rank and file about why they fight because they know no rational person would give up their life so some private company could profit from his/her death.

American foreign policy is a well dressed brigand who carries a satchel of money, a pompous attitude and a cudgel wherever it travels. It does not employ intelligent discourse founded upon mutual cooperation with international counterparts but instead resorts to the machinations of barbarous tort to bribe, bully and bomb to get what it wants. It is nothing more than a dangerous animal disguised as a statesman.

The U.S. armed forces is the henchman called upon to settle disputes. The American people believe their military exists solely for the defense of the nation; that's why they're called heroes and defenders of freedom and democracy. The reality now is they are mercenary killers hired for the furtherance of multinational corporate profits.

UNOCAL, an American oil company (now a subsidiary of Chevron) was a major player in the development of the TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) pipeline. UNOCAL's executives tried to negotiate with the Taliban (see: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/world/west_asia/37021.stm ) but the deal fell through due to competition from Bridas, an Argentinean company. Ultimately it was the failure of the Bush administration to understand the Taliban's position and work towards an agreement (see: http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/MAD201A.html ). So what does Bush and the oil oligarchy do when they didn't get what they wanted? They whip out the pain stick and invade Afghanistan on the false pretense that it was to capture Bin Laden.

But they failed to capture Bin Laden, they failed to stabilize the country so the TAPI pipeline could proceed with a measure of security and the Taliban are now poised to retake Afghanistan after more than ten years of fighting and billions of taxpayer money wasted. Two thousand, two hundred, ninety brave American soldiers and Marines have perished so far, with over seventeen thousand wounded. The innocent civilian deaths and maimed are the greatest tragedy of this needless conflict.

Is the war worth those dead and wounded men and for those who are awaiting death since the fight continues? Only a mind consumed by insanity would try and justify the horror of state sanctioned murder and destruction.

Republicae's picture

The problem with that theory

The problem with that theory is that there are not enough troops in either Afghanistan or Iraq to maintain any degree of control over any aspect of the natural resources, despite the installation of bases in the region. The presence of the largest Marine base is meaningless if there is no actual control and such control cannot be maintained by the presence of a total of between 6000 to 20000 troops in Afghanistan, the number that will remain in that country after 2014. That's simply not enough manpower to maintain ground control over any of the provinces, particularly given the size and terrain of that country.

In Iraq, there maybe 8000 troops remaining, again, not enough to maintain any degree of control.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

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I feel that the evidence is

I feel that the evidence is that the Panic of 2008 was the first of the death gasps of the Western Banking Cabal is becoming increasingly clear. The reason I say that is because of the response to the banking/finance crisis, the decision to let Lehman Brothers (one of the founding members of the Federal Reserve System) go belly up was an indicator that they were willing to sacrifice one of their own for the greater good. The evidence is in the solutions that were provided to the banking industry and the effect of those solutions.

While the solutions patched up the crippled banking industry it actually did far more damage then appears on the surface, not only to the entire Western economic and monetary system, but to the very industry it was intended to save. The first real bulwark against the Western Banking Cabal came when Iceland tossed out the bankers, rejected the solutions for their country and showed the world that it could be done. That has served as a beacon call to other nations that it is possible to resist without major consequences.

Therefore, I dare say that the Banksters not only don't have the stomach for a manufactured crash or crisis, but that the fear the possibility that their power would be drastically reduced by such a crash or crisis. The fact is that we are witnessing the most fragile stance with the banking industry in history today, even JP Morgan and Chase are in deep trouble, not to mention Goldman Sacks, through they still have power thanks to their multi-trillion dollar paper Ponzi-Schemes, their power to influence is diminished. Eventually, the political tide will turn by necessity against them. The “too-big-to-fail” designation will fail to protect them in the next crisis/crash.

There will be, as we are already seeing, such losses in the Big Banks, devastating their balance sheets that no amount of the printing of paper money could cover or protect them from destruction or the anger of a growing dissatisfaction and mistrust among the population. There is a very real possibility that under another banking crisis, that if the government once again sought to save the banking industry by bailing them out with printing even more trillions of paper , that it would result in an almost instant hyper-inflationary event that would cause the people not only to lose what little confidence remains in this government, but they would lose all confidence in the fiat paper and reject it as a medium of exchange. We tend to think that could not happen, but it can and when it does it happens extremely quickly.

I happen to think that the Panic of 2008 was just the first stage of an overall collapse and that if there was collusion to create that panic, it most certainly back-fired. While it provided an opportunity for consolidation within the banking cabal, it did not achieve the goal of increasing their power, it weakened it through the destruction of capital upon which this entire debt-based economy is built. The system is so vast, so incredibly complex at this point, that there can be no absolute control as is sometimes attributed to the banking cabal. With such complexity there are extreme weak links that have become evident, one such is the Global Supply Chain, it is so weak in fact that another crisis could easily collapse the Global Supply Chain, when that happens nothing can repair it no matter the power or influence. Additionally, once it is down, the entirety of society will be reverted back centuries, nothing will move either domestically or internationally, no oil, no food, no resources, no goods...everything shuts down. We will then have little more than a barter economy that is highly localized, that is after the chaos.

The reputation of the banking cabal has been so damaged, that even a growing political distrust has been evolving. What we are seeing, not only in the U.S., but also in the EURO, are actions that mirror what took place just prior the the collapse of Lehman Brothers, but this time it is on a much larger scale. European bankers and the criminal politicians in the EU are in panic mode, that is evident by their actions to not only desperately seek some type of solution, but also in the actions they are not taking. It also becomes evident by what they are promoting and how they are promoting the propaganda that the problems have been or are being solved. Similar to the propaganda that comes out of D.C., it has been pervasive, there has been an attempt to systematically indoctrinate the public into feeling that “all's well”, they are in control, but under the surface, there is evidence that it is nothing more than yet another “Big Lie”, that they are doing little but buying time and trying to hide their real crimes from the populations of the world.

There will come a point, and I think we are almost that, that even the Sheeple will begin to wake up and question what they thought was a sound foundation. It is already occurring, people that have never questioned this government now are questioning, that is the first step to a widening awakening. They are becoming aware that the United States is bankrupt and that this government is only delaying the massive default by manipulating Treasuries to minimize interest payments on the largest debt in history.

The FED has been secretly printing (digital manipulation) U.S. Dollars in order to buy up the majority of U.S. Treasuries; the reason is that if it did not, there would be an almost instant implosion of the Treasury market. The EU Central bank is following suit, doing exactly the same thing to delay the inevitable. It is working, but only for a while. They are in panic mode, it is very evident by the actions they are taking. Their crimes will find them out, the scheme has gotten so large, their crime so intense that it can no longer be concealed, the effects of their crime can no longer be repaired. They will be hunted down and their heads placed on pikes by the time it is all said and done.

The entire system, including the military industrial complex, is totally dependent on the ability of this system to continue, as it collapses, it will not matter one iota what type of weapons systems they have, it will be of no avail to prevent the collapse or the effects of the collapse. They will have no power.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun


>>>>> "Lehman Brothers (one of the founding members of the Federal Reserve System)"

How so ? Lehman was not member of the Fereal reserve system in 1914; did it become a member sometimes later ? Were they behind the scenes owners of some national banks ?

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I say "founding members" for

I say "founding members" for they, like others, were major stockholders in the Banking Houses that started and became the original stockholders in the Federal Reserve System. Lehman Brothers began doing business in Montgomery, AL and moved their operations to New York after the War, where they gained substantial power and wealth. They helped found the New York Cotton Exchange, Emmanuel sat on the Board of Governors, they branched out into just about everything, including an eventual partnership with Goldman, Sachs & Co.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

The Federal Reserve Act was merely

The Federal Reserve Act was merely a re-organization and adjustment of the National currency Bank System established by Abraham Lincoln & crew.

----Eversince Eustace Mullins told them about Jekyll Island, they have been running up and down it, looking for a boogie-man under every banker; they should have just read the text of the two Acts

William Gouge's solution to the problem with banks

Republicae's picture

I agree, as I have said

I agree, as I have said before on several threads on the DP, the Lincoln Administration paved the way for the Federal Reserve.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun


>>>>>major stockholders in the Banking Houses that started
Do ye have the name of just one of those houses? and how many shares these usual suspects (Kuhn Loeb, J.P. Morgan, Lehman, Goldman Sachs) held in it ?

today, the 2,900 members banks are all public companies, list of shareholders can be obtained.....

75% of the shares of J.P. Morgan is owned by pension funds (teacher federation, public employees unions, federal pension) and mutual funds

Republicae's picture

First National Bank of New

First National Bank of New York
National City Bank, New York
National Bank of Commerce, New York
Hanover National Bank, New York
Chase National Bank, New York

These are a few...


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

other than mantra

does anyone have anything to show that Lehman (for instance) owned, how many shares of First national of NY ?

Republicae's picture

I have yet to find the exact

I have yet to find the exact stock holdings, though I know that Lehman Brothers established several banks in New York, the largest being the Trust Company of America, Mercantile Bank, both of banks were stockholders in the FED. The connections, between one bank and another are quite intertwined, there were several partnerships, such as the one between Lehman Brothers and Goldman, Sachs & Co. There appear to be connects with the National City Bank N. Y., National Bank of Commerce N.Y., Hanover National Bank N.Y.
and Chase National Bank N.Y.. There is also a very interesting connection between Lehman Brothers and The NY Trust/NY Edison since it appears that Lehman Brothers underwrote N.Y. Edison, but they also underwrote numerous companies starting in 1899. There are connections between Lehman Brothers and Jacob Schiff/Theresa Loeb of Kuhn Loeb Co. N. Y. Jacob Schiff's Grandson became honorary chairman of Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb Company in 1934.

When you look at all the connections, it is easy to see just how elements of a conspiracy could be concluded, but my thoughts on it are that business connections were just that...connections made to take advantage of avenues of business.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

You are misinterpreting the events.

1. The 2008 financial crisis was planned and executed with great glee and success by the bankers! It was the greatest theft and transfer of wealth in the history of mankind and not a single banking executive went to jail.

2. Since the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991, the shadow bankers have had their way with the American public and the world by executing the Project for New American Century.

3. In 1996 the took control of the media with the "Telecommunicationations Act".

4. In 1999 they passed Graham, Leach Bliley which repealed Glass Stegall and allowed commercial banks to merge with investment banks.

5. In 2001 they pulled off the New Pearl Harbor with 911. This of course paved the way for the US taxpayers to fund the military to invade and take control of the natural resources around the world.

6. 2008 they duped the American people into funding the bailout.

7. They are now executing quantitative easing which is transferring the remaining illegal toxic debt to the taxpayers.

8. The now have control of the Federal Government including foreign policy, the elections, the presidency and the Supreme Court.

9. They are unleashing drone warfare and illegal wars with impunity to take over every country they choose.

Add it all up and smell the coffee, this ain't a sign of weakness, this total dominance with arrogance and attitude. Just look at two of their wimps, McCain and Lindsey Graham - they understand the reality and exude the arrogance of power and understand they are on the dominating team.

The American people don't have a chance until they understand the reality of what the score really is!

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Ah, there I think you are

Ah, there I think you are only looking at one part of the story, from what I have seen there may well have been an orchestrated crisis however, if so, and there is no real evidence that it was orchestrated, then it got completely out of control. While there was a transfer of wealth, there was also a great loss of wealth from some of the most influential elite families in history. While it may have started as a financial crisis, it ended as a Panic and with that Panic power was consolidated, but in the process it was also lost to a greater extent.

Again, the meme is that the shadow bankers are in control, but that control is conditionally based on the foundation of ignorance, primarily ignorance of the general public. With the internet revolution there has been a widening awareness of the actions of both governments and the banking cabal. In fact, numerous elite have commented on that very subject, stating that control is rapidly slipping away. If it took the fall of the Soviet Union for the shadow bankers to have their way with the American public then there conspiracy has been a failure because the lost of public confidence and faith in not only the government but the entire banking system has waned to all time lows. The only way for a conspiracy to be successful is to have the people on your side, to adore the system they are subjected to. It is not working, it cannot work, the mechanisms are no longer functional as they were during say the illegal actions of FDR.

Even the control of the media is not creating the desired effects, the propaganda worked for a while but now it is no longer carrying the same import among the people that it did even a short time ago. Again, I am of the belief that the internet revolution has had a greater impact on the information that the people are privy to than the invention of the printing press. The proverbial cat is out of the bag, to the dismay of those elite that would seek to bring about a global governance system. The revolution has already begun and there is no power on earth that can stop it.

The events of 9-11 did indeed pave the way for the U.S. To attempt to take control over the resources of the world, but it also may prove to be one of the greatest mistakes, for the backlash has been immense. It was not taxpayers that were used to fund these exploits, but merely the ability to crank up the printing presses. It will prove to be a misguided attempt as a rapid push to De-Americanize the world takes place, the push is getting harder and harder. In fact, there has never been a more united effort to minimize the influence of the United States going on in the world as it has within the last couple years. The United States cannot do what it once did, it is growing impossible for this government to unilaterally take action around the world. Syria is a prime example of the push-back against such hubris, the days of the Empire are numbered and they themselves are providing the nails for the coffin. The power-brokers are losing power in the West and it has them in a mode of panic that I've not seen in the last 50 or 60 years.
5. The American People were not duped into funding the bailout, it was despite the massive protest of the People that the politicians passed legislation to bailout the system. That too, was a huge mistake on the part of Congress; for it tore away the curtain that this government governs by the consent of the People. That is a very big deal, for it brought a reality to the minds of millions of Americans that was not there before.

The fact is that toxic asset debt is not being transferred to the taxpayer, while that is the illusion, the fact is that it is nothing more than yet another story-line by politicians. First, there is no physical means to pay off even a portion of the debt owed by this government. Second, the reason for taxation of the people has little to do with the payment of debt, but only social control, the enforcement of legal tender laws and a relatively shallow version of wealth redistribution. Taxes, under this fiat monetary system, are not necessary for revenues...it's a farce.

I see all of the things you are adding up as a sign of dominance and arrogance, as signs of an attempt, not to gain total control, but to seek to maintain what little control they have left. That tends to be the pattern, not of dominance, but of a waning power gasping for any straw that it can hold to maintain its power and authority. Everything has consequences, the consequences of the actions of this rogue government and its patrons will find themselves painted into a corner. I see a very different outcome to all of this, one where the ascendancy of the banks and governments wane as more and more people come to understand what has taken place. No one can rule when no one obeys...and I see a massive degree of non-compliance already occurring, and an even greater degree of discussion about non-compliance.

Those who once voluntarily gave themselves up to servitude will remove their consent and once consent is removed it is only a matter of time before revolution begins.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

Very true!!!!!!!!!!!

What you said here is what I am talking about and it’s a great point Republicae!

That tends to be the pattern, not of dominance, but of a waning power gasping for any straw that it can hold to maintain its power and authority. Everything has consequences, the consequences of the actions of this rogue government and its patrons will find themselves painted into a corner.

Especially the monetization of the massive budget deficits, these actions are for the government sake only….not the people, country or economy. This is why I have always said this is the eventuality of the inflationist and not a conspiracy. When TSHF the American people will clamor for something ……anything so they can get back to Dancing with the Stars, they will give up anything….Hell everything…..Liberty.

And this is when it gets scary.

No one can rule when no one obeys...and I see a massive degree of non-compliance already occurring, and an even greater degree of discussion about non-compliance.

As they try and maintain their control....Marshall Law and the American people will allow the last of their Liberty to disappear just like they did under Homeland Security after 911.

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Exactly! The powers that be

Exactly! The powers that be are scared to death, literally, at the prospects of an ever-increasing awareness among the public, the more the public knows the more they will act and the action they take will be to see the dismantling of the present systems of control. There will be a massive amount of non-compliance and not only that, but a growing degree of independent resistance, not necessarily organized. That too is something that power fears, governments and military fears.

Even the decision to implement Martial Law would be a very dangerous step for this government, not only because this country is so vast, but because it would compel a vast number of people in this country to begin to resist. Governments fear revolution because of the uncertainty of the outcome. Unlike other countries, even the most compliant person in this country still has had the thought instilled in them that this is the Land of the Free, that is a potent psychological barrier to overt government action. The fact that resistance is rising over the various revelations about the NSA, is encouraging, at least to me, for now those in power know that their secret and criminal dealings are subject to being exposed.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

Hey i posted something about unwinding QE's

you should check it out.

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Thanks, I'll do that!

Thanks, I'll do that!


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

I got almost to the end. It

I got almost to the end. It is good writing, but I couldn't really discern any actual information in all of the somewhat overgrown paragraphs. I looked but did not find. I have no more information at the end than the beginning. But it was worth it because I always appreciate a capable writer.

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The information is

The information is essentially this, the USD/USTB system has been corrupted and broken by corrupt monetary policy and illegitimate political maneuvering. The government of the United States is increasingly viewed as a rogue nation, along with it's financial ally Britain, both of which have, through the decades, implemented what is, in effect, a financial and geo-political fascism. This has been the cause of a growing hostility in the monetary markets and the way the markets have been manipulated. It is no long just verbal opposition, the talk has turned into action, first that action was simply to work around the USD/USTB system, now however, it appears that there is an all out push to replace the USD/USTB.

The problem, of course, is that the U.S. Government and its main financial ally, will not simply let it go quietly into the night. The crux of the matter will be the process of this monetary war and the response of the US/FED, it will not end well as the global push for a monetary reset speeds up.

The US/FED will do the only thing it can do, inflate to the point that we finally experience major disruption in pricing and cost structures which will, at generally the same time, result in massive asset deflation. There are therefore, a host of black swan events that now threaten not only the banking system, but the entire economic and monetary structure of this country. Given the evidence, it appears that Russia and China, as well as other nations, maybe seeking a currency reset that is based on gold. This new "gold standard" will, of course, be better than the current fiat dollar reserve currency system, but it will not accomplish what is actually needed to right this global ship from listing.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun