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6 Effective Ways to Act as Your Own Attorney

6 Effective Ways to Act as Your Own Attorney
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1. Know Your Statutes and Codes
2. Learn the Basics of Contract Law
3. Practice Conditional Acceptance
4. When Given an Order, Present a Bill
5. Avoid the Temptation to Create Controversy
6. Be Fearless

1) Know Your Statutes and Codes

In this digital age, there’s no excuse for ignorance of the law unless you choose to be ignorant. All applicable statutes and codes are available online for you to pore over, and pore over them you must!

If you’re planning on defending yourself without the aid of an attorney, if you want to even the playing field, you must know the language of the statutes inside and out, and know exactly where the weak points are. By weak points I mean specific language found in statute that is ambiguous enough to be spun in such a way that doubt can be cast upon your opponent’s claims, while simultaneously bolstering your claims.

Your first step in building your case is to carefully read and contemplate every word of every line of applicable code in order to find precisely where in statute those doubts can be cast. Be prepared to look up even the most seemingly innocuous words in your trusty law dictionary (I like Black’s Law). Once you start doing this, you’ll likely come to the same realization that I did, namely that there’s ample exploitable ambiguity contained within the legal definitions of most words.


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