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That's It, Goodbye, I'm Done With The GOP - Jesse Ventura, Please Run.

I've had enough. I can't take it anymore, and I'm officially announcing that I can no longer support the republican party.


Because the GOP keeps kissing Chris Christie's politically fat ass, that's why. I'm not talking about looks either. John McCain's "resurgence," as of late with him talking about another run has me thinking of one thing.

Ever see the movie, "Weekend At Bernie's?"

I just can't affiliate myself with that kind of nonsense any longer. I can bend, compromise, and be pragmatic, but I can't bring myself to a new low like that. People who don't follow politics think republicans are bad, because the image portrayed by the GOP is...bad.

The GOP has a few young shining stars in front of their faces, but they ignore them.

Chris Christie kisses up to Obama after the storm, makes the prez look good right before the election and what does the republican party do as a result?

Reward him! With the official nod to be their biggest republican loser to lose to Hillary Clinton in a national vanilla shake of a landslide.

Woman voters vote more than men. Women voted Obama into office, twice. How in the hell is the GOP going to win over women voters with Jabba the Hutt as their main spokesman?

Sometimes it does boil down to looks alone, not politics.

John Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barry Soetoro...

If Rand Paul wins the republican nomination, I would change my mind.

But chances are 100% that no matter if Rand wins, he will lose because the vote is rigged as we have all seen in the past.

But what if Jesse Ventura wages an Independent run the likes of which America has never seen before? The 2 party duopoly would be flipped on it's head, and "Body," slammed by a true 3rd party candidacy that might actually CHALLENGE bogus election results.

If Rand Paul loses against Christie because the GOP says so, well then I think he should seriously consider joining a newly formed party for Independence in order to deliver us from our own governmental monstrosity of evil.

It makes no sense. 1/3 of all registered voters are democrats. Almost 1/3 of all registered voters are republicans.

Over 1/3 of all American voters are registered independents who are sick and tired of the same old dog and pony show, but they have no official party to speak of.

Just imagine if all of the independents, libertarians, and people who don't vote because they know the 2 party system is rigged joined together and called themselves the, "Independence Party?"

Why the hell not?

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I have to admit

I've been pretty frustrated trying to slam Christie with Republicans in order to play up Rand. Republicans are so partisan that they think what Christie did was "no big deal" and a liberal plot to "make it seem like the one guy that can beat Hillary is no good". In other words, total brainwashing. They actually like Christie MORE now.

Better to attack Christie on the NSA issue.

Ventura 2012

remember the republicans and democrats are one in the same

the republicans are the fall guys for the democratic agenda to prevail. They are a team, good guy, bad guy team. Keep that in mind and just do the best you can to knock sense into these sheeple we have have to navigate through.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Although, I agree with the

Although, I agree with the sentiment about the GOP leadership and especially fatso Christie, try to look the other way as the leadership wants constitutionalists to leave the party. LoL

Currently, I don't think becoming a member of a third party is viable even with a third of the electorate identifying themselves as an independent. Voting for a 3rd party candidate is viable, however, i.e. a message is sent to the major political parties. For example, would I vote for Ventura as a 3rd party candidate for POTUS? My answer is no and will remain so. Would I vote for a 3rd party candidate which meets my criteria for POTUS? Conditionally, yes, if both major political parties continue to field wackos like Christie, Bush, Romney, McCain, Clinton, Obama, Gore, etc... One must work within the major political parties to discourage the leadership from nominating wackos like Bush, Romney, McCain, Clinton, Obama, Gore, etc...

As much as I despise Christie

Ventura is not a serious candidate.

This is equivalent of taking your ball and going home. Stay in the game, Rand has plenty of time to continue to make a difference.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

The Political Party System is Part of the Shadow Government

The clandestine government is the true power in Washington. It is the puppet master that controls the bureaucrats that run the day to day affairs of State, make policy and heavily influence the politicos to enact legislation and regulation to promote their agenda. This underworld is made up of two primary groups; the political party organization and the lobbyist syndicate.

Political parties are presented to the public as the foundation of democratic principles. It is the propaganda vehicle used to set up the "game" and the people are led to believe they have choice but only two; the red team (republicans) or the blue team (democrats). The party system has fully adopted the professional team sport business model and incorporated it at all levels of governance. Even at the smallest organization such as a town, village or hamlet, candidates are compelled to show a modicum of allegiance to one of these two political parties. This brainwashing has infected the psyche of every adult and conditioned them to accept the necessity of political parties in order to preserve what the cabal wants us to accept as their vision of the American way of life.

However political dogma can not live on ideology alone. It needs money to survive and that is where the nexus of the shadow government comes into play; the lobbyist syndicate. This group of sociopaths is comprised of the global banking cartel, multinational corporations which now includes the national media and foreign government influence. The syndicate buys loyalty through legal bribery; what the people have been told are, “campaign contributions.” The media employs television celebrity journalists to spew the syndicate’s message to the masses wrapped in patriotic, religious and emotional images to seduce the public into staying in the competition.

The culmination of this constant newspeak is the political superbowl known as the national election. This is where the syndicate goes all out to gain the public’s trust. The grand event is heavily promoted using every propaganda trick possible: candidate speeches and their contrived debates, television and print advertisements, Hollywood celebrities whipping their followers to stand strong with their political party to win, win, win against the other team. Yea for us, our party controls the presidency or the congress! Thank God we beat them, hurray for democracy!

The shadow government knows different for it is they who have succeeded and they will continue to do so as long as the people participate, “in the game.”

Stop voting in federal elections. Give them no credibility or legitimacy. Write in NOTA (None of the Above) on every ballot. Show the syndicate you can think beyond the political hyperbole broadcasted every day. Lift up the shroud of secrecy and expose these miscreants for what they truly are: thieves of our liberties and freedoms.

I have to laugh. Not that I

I have to laugh. Not that I think the GOP is going to win anything. But Chris Christie isn't the worst thing republicans have supported. Why throw in the towel now? And go where? If you're going the third party route, you need to make a decision. If you realize the third party isn't going to win, and simply reject democracy, I'm with you. Then you have to decide what effective tactics you can adopt to swing things and move people. If you still believe in elections and third parties winning by telling the truth you're just going to end up serving the interests of a small group of people who benefit from the third party, just like a small group of people benefit from a cult.

You have to define your priorities, and if you can't picture the GOP ever advancing your main priority, then by all means don't support it. But the next step is to find some other means of advancing your priority, and there's very little chance Ventura or a third party is it. Maybe politics just isn't the right path for some people.

If looking

for an alternative, this Party advocates the dignity of individual choice concerning public domain, and the right to withdraw from abuse (inc. mandates and taxation)


I don't think Jesse Ventura will have the impact you think.

If he runs as an independent, he would need tons of money.
Remember Perot.
He had loads of cash and still managed to win zero states even though his vote total was impressive for an independent.

AS for Rand, I don't think he will run against Christie.
I'm betting Christie will be unchallenged.
This might not be a bad thing.
Maybe the GOP needs another big loss to see they're picking bad candidates.

the GOP doesnt care if they lose

they want to lose, they all carry the same philosophy, Fascism. When we realize we can't hold republicans to somekind of flame saying their party will lose we will get somewhere, republicans at the top don't care if they lose they tow the line which is the same line the top democrats tow, they are are on the same team. To tell the republicans oh if you do this or that, you are gonna lose, it means they still win, that is the facts.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I think you

are wrong about the impact. It's a much different time than when Perot ran, as people are more disgusted with both parties like never before, and independents are at all time high. It really depends on if Ventura wants to 'go all out' to defeat the establishment. It will take huge balls to do it, but I think if Jesse decides to make a run, he's the type that won't back down. Money can be generated by energizing the 'milleniums', as they really dislike the duopoly establishment, that has virtually destroyed their chances of success through the job destroying 'free trade' agreements. If he goes out to and tells the 'truth' about the system in a more simplized fashion, where Dr Paul was unable to do, he will get the funding from the people. Rand doesn't have the courage to expose the Coportate collective system, where everything is designed by the three branches of government to benefit the Corporate/Bankster fascist control.

The system is rigged

Consider what "happened" in the Virginia GOP race. The Republican RINO's financed the libertarian candidate in order to undermine Republican conservative Ken Cuccinelli. There's no quick fix, but the best option is to restore the framers interpretation of one person, one vote.

They did not give constitutional rights to groups, i.e, businesses and unions, they conferred citizenship and rights on individuals only. So strip corporations and unions of all rights as a means to level the campaign finance field. For more on why corporations and unions do not equate to individual citizens, click on the bottom link in the footer and check out the post "The Boston Tea Party, it wasn't just about taxes".

http://www.dailypaul.com/277342 (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference)
http://www.StandUpForYourRights.me/?p=1264 (Fast and Furious hearing)

The Fascination People Have With Political Parties Befuddles Me

I have written about this fundamental issue a number of times (see: http://www.dailypaul.com/305021/monsanto-s-friends-in-high-p... ). However people still follow the clarion call of political hoopla that their candidate will make a difference and straighten this rudderless ship back onto the course of freedom and liberty.

Every federal election it's the same mindless behavior. "Vote for our candidate; he/she will bring change," they proclaim. "He/she along with a few other honorable public servants will force good behavior," they wail. They cannot see the same bureaucratic machination remains in place regardless of the new or incumbent politician in office. The inutility is beyond their reason to discern the larger cyclorama of reality. They are being played by the political party system every time.

Some things would have been reversed if Dr. Paul was nominated by the Republican Party and subsequently elected president. Dr. Paul (President Paul) would have significantly slowed the imperial agenda of the shadow government from proceeding forward on their schedule of the NWO (new world order). But if he pushed too far he would have been eliminated by the psychopaths who will stop for no one to accomplish their villainy.

This federal system of government has reached a level of turpitude for which it cannot recover using the same procedure available to us. The American people can only regain control by employing a different mechanism; an act of defiance that will shock the establishment. A peaceful nonviolent act to stop it in its track towards ruination and poverty for us all.

Write in NOTA (None Of The Above) on the federal election ballot. Do not give these schemers an opportunity to continue the decline of our society. Give them no legitimacy and no credibility. Give them what they deserve; a vote of no confidence.

Partial disagreement

Leadership has a crucial role for just causes to succeed, while individuals are free to gather and fortify their vision.

IMO political parties are less of an issue than advocating unprincipled ideals.

We all agree

But taking over the Republican Party is the game-plan Ron set forth. We should see it through.

That's why big business is pushing so hard for immigration this year. They know the midterms will yield even more Tea Party Republicans. The Tea Party is the only thing standing in the way of our complete capitulation to the globalists, like Julian Assange has said.

Stop trying to control people with a vote

It doesn't matter who runs, or who wins, it is still a majority of people making rules for everyone else... getting a really good master in there is not going to help and is morally wrong. What if everyone of your neighbors voted to take your car? Would that make it right? Well that's what voting is... try and opt out of paying taxes and see what happens to you.

There is an alternative to trying to force your ideas and controlling others through mob rule:

The election is already over

The new President has already been chosen.

As long as "They" count the votes, "They" will choose the winner.

As long as there is electronic voting you are just fooling yourself on thinking that our vote means anything.


But the Neocon shills keep trying to keep the election myth alive. When Ron Paul can win the Iowa caucuses and "the GOP" can simply say he didn't, how can ANYONE believe ANYTHING "they" claim as true? I doubt that "Obama" or whatever his name is, ever was even elected. He has CIA connections, he announced to the mailman when he lived with Bill Ayres that he was going to be president. It's all rigged, a game for the cattle to distract.

So true Eagle

Diebold is diabolic!

We no longer have a voice at the voting booth!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I intend to renew my County GOP membership.

Thirty-five bucks.

Ron Paul said he became educated, in case, anyone asked him a question.

I got educated, and I'e been to 3 state conventions, just in case.

Someone has to keep an eye on these folks. I watched the RNC attorney reduce our districts Ron Paul Delegate count outside the Rules of Order.

Elephants never forget.

Free includes debt-free!

I know why people are getting self sufficent,

reducing their expendetures, and focusing on their home gardens.

It bypasses the bullshit. Granger lives in Cal, and hasn't posted a thing about her's, nor her fake chickens.

I have over 200 seeds germinating, and around 40 already transplanted that I take out each morning to see the sun when it benefits them.

Remember when Granger talked about these things?

Granger, where are you? The R3volution is going on for the principles you claim to love, and you can only talk about Isreal.

I'm sharing seeds and plants with my neighbors.

Expect another false flag, to wake everyone up.


Jesse Ventura says a lot of

Jesse Ventura says a lot of good things, but he supports universal healthcare. I would have no problem with your reasons to abandon the GOP if the candidate you supported, wasn't a contradiction to your very logic.

We lose MORE by abandoning the GOP...

Look at it locally. If you stay in the GOP and take it over locally, you get to push for more constitutionalists for Mayor, Town Council, State legislature, Sheriff, and Congressman!

The MORE local positions you capture, the more effective will be your local nullification policies!

Even if Rand loses the primaries, think of all the local supporters who will rise up this time around to take local office positions. Since 2008, every four years a bigger awakening occurs. 2016 make may be the biggest awakening YET! I mean a real tidal wave!

I honestly don't care if Rand wins or loses. I CARE that:
-Rand Paul RUNS for POTUS
-He wakes up millions
-He inspires all of us to take over the GOP
-He inspires all of us to win local offices

IMAGINE tons of Ron Paul Republicans in office nullifying GOP President Christie's mandates. Heh, heh...or even better Ron Paul Republicans impeaching GOP Prez Christie!

That would'nt work in Pa.

At least not in Carbon county pa. That was tried in 2011 with county commisioner and sheriff . The pro liberty commissioners got their ass handed to them in the primary. The sheriff candidate did not have another republican running. Once the tea party/gop ran learned that he was a Ron Paul republican they called their members and campaigned for the anti liberty democrat. I am going to run the same candidates in the LP next year. We are going to give hell to the gop and the gay hating tea party. I dont know.if Steve will run for sheriff again. If not I guess the Gop and the tea party will love me a openly gay Libertarian running on a constitutional sheriff platform. I will love to shove that in their bigoted faces! Lol. I love liberty and pissing off the GOP/DNC!

That's sad...but still impressive that ur got the nomination.

Your first goal is to win all the local spots: Town councilman and mayor. Once you do that throughout, let's say, 40-50% of the county then you should go for Sheriff.

All the local officials will endorse you and campaign for you and you'll win big!

The key is the local positions. And if you can win those, then you can restructure the govt from the ground up. If you can win those w/o the GOP, then you got it made!

I personally feel it's easier taking over the party and then bending the incumbents to vote our way otherwise as a consequence the GOP will work against them and run a better more constitutional candidate.

If a majority don't vote...

The winner will be elected by a minority of a minority incurring no democratic authority.

"I represent (a minority of a minority of" the people of Michigan." "So", I reply.

Democracy is majority rule. Has it every happened. Not in over 120 years, Rothbard averred.

Maybe the zombie majority intuition is that governments do more harm than good.

Free includes debt-free!

Well, then it's a good thing

Well, then it's a good thing that America isn't a democracy

Bravo - I quit a year ago. The A-hole GOP / RNC HAS NOT...

...learned a thing.

We TRIED to teach these idiots in 2008 and 2012.

The great Dr. Paul tried and tried to teach them. Over and over.

But look who is still the face of the republican party: Limbaugh, Beck, Medved, Hannity, Bolton, FOX, Levin, Barnes, Rove, Ingraham, McCain, Graham, King, Kristol, Krauthammer, O'Reilly, Cheney, Boehner etc...and on and on and on it goes.

The War-mongering, Arab-hating, Neo-Con, Big-government, New World Order idiot republicans embrace these A-holes like nothing ever happened.

Need I say more?

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

You know why they are the face of the party?

You know why they are the face of the party? The ones you mention? Its because they stayed in the Republican Party that is why they are the face of it, you are letting them be the face of it. Your not going to teach those fools anything, they are who they want to be, they know exactly whats going on. You have to get involved with persons in the Republican Party who are not neo-cons by choice who are real conservatives.

Sorry Miguel, but you are under the mistaken belief that...

...political parties can be reformed and everything will be hunky-dory.

I'm not interested in political parties because they all have platforms which they swear allegiance to BEFORE their allegiance to the COUNTRY.

For example, where I live (Seattle, WA), the King County GOP has in their platform "We believe the State of Israel has a right to exist and the the United States is obligated to defend them at any cost."

HOW IS THIS any allegiance to the United States???

As our finest president George Washington said, political parties would RUIN the nation - and indeed, how correct he was.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Well then work to change the

Well then work to change the platform, there is now way you have to agree with that platform. If i lived in your County I would work to get that taken out. Even then its just a platform.