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That's It, Goodbye, I'm Done With The GOP - Jesse Ventura, Please Run.

I've had enough. I can't take it anymore, and I'm officially announcing that I can no longer support the republican party.


Because the GOP keeps kissing Chris Christie's politically fat ass, that's why. I'm not talking about looks either. John McCain's "resurgence," as of late with him talking about another run has me thinking of one thing.

Ever see the movie, "Weekend At Bernie's?"

I just can't affiliate myself with that kind of nonsense any longer. I can bend, compromise, and be pragmatic, but I can't bring myself to a new low like that. People who don't follow politics think republicans are bad, because the image portrayed by the GOP is...bad.

The GOP has a few young shining stars in front of their faces, but they ignore them.

Chris Christie kisses up to Obama after the storm, makes the prez look good right before the election and what does the republican party do as a result?

Reward him! With the official nod to be their biggest republican loser to lose to Hillary Clinton in a national vanilla shake of a landslide.

Woman voters vote more than men. Women voted Obama into office, twice. How in the hell is the GOP going to win over women voters with Jabba the Hutt as their main spokesman?

Sometimes it does boil down to looks alone, not politics.

John Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barry Soetoro...

If Rand Paul wins the republican nomination, I would change my mind.

But chances are 100% that no matter if Rand wins, he will lose because the vote is rigged as we have all seen in the past.

But what if Jesse Ventura wages an Independent run the likes of which America has never seen before? The 2 party duopoly would be flipped on it's head, and "Body," slammed by a true 3rd party candidacy that might actually CHALLENGE bogus election results.

If Rand Paul loses against Christie because the GOP says so, well then I think he should seriously consider joining a newly formed party for Independence in order to deliver us from our own governmental monstrosity of evil.

It makes no sense. 1/3 of all registered voters are democrats. Almost 1/3 of all registered voters are republicans.

Over 1/3 of all American voters are registered independents who are sick and tired of the same old dog and pony show, but they have no official party to speak of.

Just imagine if all of the independents, libertarians, and people who don't vote because they know the 2 party system is rigged joined together and called themselves the, "Independence Party?"

Why the hell not?

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I DID work to change the platform. Couldn't do it.

It would take a whole lot of us in there doing that and we don't have anywhere near the numbers.

The sheeples have been too mis-educated from early on. They think we're nuts.

And party platforms ARE very important because whichever party is in power institutes their platforms into national policy.

Take the Bush administration. They ran with the republican party platform of Neo-Con, pre-emptive wars amd doing the bidding of Israel - to pound around in the middle east.

They did it under the GOP philosophy that killing lots of Arabs equates to national defense.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Ron Paul is One person, Ron

Ron Paul is One person, Ron Paul was mostly alone his whole time in the Republican Party. Keep building, out work the neo cons, Rally all the Ron Paul Republicans in your area no matter the number.

I stayed in the gop because

I stayed in the gop because of that argument the last 10 years now rand is the one pushing us away. no reason to stay if the very person we were trying to support is pushing us away. The gop is best 6ft under.

honestly in Colorado we no longer need the gop/dnc or the federal gov. We already showed we can nullify them all in Colorado with voters.

this is why the gop is in serious danger of losing the election before it begins in colorado and I will make sure it happens if the gop doesn't reverse their pandering.

Ron Paul 2016

rands bs pandering, has made

rands bs pandering, has made it very easy to decide early on after being a gop delegate for 8 years. 0 interest in trying to explain away rand here in Colorado. Rand has pandered his way out of a delegate in my county. I am sure there will be a right-wing nut who supports santorum or christie that will be more then willing to be a rand delegate. bye bye gop gop.

tired of the rand fluffers and rand himself. I will be supporting someone outside of the gop. not republican for long.

Ron Paul 2016

voters in Colorado no longer

voters in Colorado no longer need the failed gop/dnc or the federal gov. We can nullify them all with voters!!!

Ron Paul 2016

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Why is in everyone such a hurry?

Man, it is a long way off. This is still early. A lot can happen. Why are people so eager to draw lines in the sand?

Can people take a chill pill on the politics for a little bit in terms of lining up with politicians / entertainers?

There was that scene from Fight Club:

'What is that - what does the weaker person get out of latching onto a stronger person?" Ed Norton's character throws that like a knife at Marla, and Marla comes back with, "I don't know - what you get out of it?"

What do people get by latching onto a politician, or a party, or an ideology? Even Austrianism and anarchism are ideologies.

He's the man.

rands bs pandering, has made

rands bs pandering, has made it very easy to decide early on after being a gop delegate for 8 years. 0 interest in trying to explain away rand here in Colorado. Rand has pandered his way out of a delegate in my county. I am sure there will be a right-wing nut who supports santorum or christie that will be more then willing to be a rand delegate. bye bye gop gop.

tired of the rand fluffers and rand himself. I will be supporting someone outside of the gop. not republican for long.

Ron Paul 2016

Sounds like

You've woken up.
There are hard-core Republicans on here endlessly pushing the GOP, and in reality, it has little to do with Rand Paul.
The GOP is incapable of winning an election, even if they were running against Atilla the Hun, and basically that was what was going on last go-round.
The only strategy they have is to entice the libertarian vote, nothing else changes.

The current political environment is in chaos, the incompetency and political ineptitude and scandals are almost a weekly occurence, dissatisfaction is at an all time high.
There are only two choices, take over the Libertarian party or run independent. The MSM has lost traction and the ballot access and debate restrictions will be seen for what they are, on an ever increasing scale. Splitting the vote is not the issue, an all out push against the Dem minority vote is the only avenue to success.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.


Ventura support Obama Care?

Third party is not going to work unless some one better comes around.

I truly believe Ventura will lose.

Quit whining. Precinct delegates needed. Quitters never prosper!

Your problem is that things aren't going your way. The reason things aren't going your way is that the Establishment is still controlling the party. That isn't going to change overnight. Ron Paul's followers are still in the party. We're the precinct delegates who are trying to undo the Romney/Establishment damage to the party from 2012 from the inside.

Rather than standing on the outside looking in, become a precinct delegate and help us make the changes needed. Anybody can complain. We need activists, not trolling complainers.

There is a battle going on in the Republican Party between the big bucks Establishment RINOs and the grass roots. the grass roots are primarily Ron Paul/C4L/AFP/libertarian/Tea Party Republicans.
A good many of them are Precinct Delegates.

In the 2012 Michigan State Convention we narrowly missed unseating the Establishment state chair by forty-one out of 2008 votes cast. It was that close. He would have been unseated except we had precinct delegates who quit the night before the big vote and went home because another night in Lansing was toooooo inconvenient for theeeeem!

If you're going to quit then stop trolling until after the 2014 election. We'll have a better idea then if the Republican Party can be co-opted by the grass roots. If you're still dissatisfied quit then but until then quitcherbitchin'. We need warm bodies for opposing the Establishment bullies in the party.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

plenty of right-wing nuts to

plenty of right-wing nuts to support rand,rubio,cruz, no need for me to waste my time supporting someone who I can no longer support . rand would of been best to stfu but I am sure there are plenty of right-wing nuts to step in to support rand.

Ron Paul 2016

Good Candidates

are being elected to State Houses across the country, I hope people care more about issues than labels.

I would vote vote for a Democrat if he was like Larry McDonald.

Ventura (with Stern) will

Ventura (with Stern) will have a bigger platform than Perot did. And I actually think that their shock-jock style will have major appeal to the electorate.

stern as a vp makes ventura

stern as a vp makes ventura have 0 credibility. I would vote outside the gop and would never vote ventura if that is the plan.

Ron Paul 2016

Considering both

parties are identical in their nefarious goals - you done good.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

But to quote Ron Paul

Voting for a non republican would be "insane".


That is bs and misquote of Ron Paul

Voting for Sarvis in the governor election was insane...and that is what he said. He was also right. Do you seriously think we are better off with Mcaullife as governor than Cucinelli? If so, you are insane.

No BUT..

Cucinelli is an anti gay bigot. I think both the democrat and republican candidates sucked. The people lose in either candidate. I think Sarvis was a loser but he would make a better governor than the bigot the fag hating gop put out. The gop is nothing but gay hating democrats. They want big government on the social issues and the military industrial complex. Both parties are the same.

All I know

Is what is quoted in the newspaper. Tell me the last time he actively endorsed, much less campaigned for a non-republican? 2008 when he gave a wishy-washy "endorsement" to both the LPs (Bob Barr god help us) and the candidate of the quasi-theocratic hard right so-called Constitution Party. Big whoop. I bet (nay know) he didn't send out any last minute appeals to his list on their behalf. But that was before Rand was a Senator. He has other considerations now- like sucking up to the Fundies. Good luck with that.

As far as VA is concerned Sarvis and the LP ran a record setting race *despite* Ron's best efforts to sabotage it and the last minute GOP smear campaign featuring the likes of Glen f'ing Beck! Give me a break. Ron's efforts probably cost the LP major party ballot status. Thanks Ron. I'll be thinking of you when I'm out getting signatures.

Cuchinelli symbolizes all I despise in the GOP. If that's the best they can do good luck.



The GOP is nothing but bunch of bigoted Nazis. I hate when people use religion for their own bigoted reasons. If what was shown in VA was their best good luck winning elections. The GOP is all but on life suport. The quicker they die the better it is for the liberty movement. I got news for the bigoted GOP the constitution also protects gay people too. Liberty= equality for all!

I guess you are not paying attention

I am fairly certain Ron Paul has said numerous times that a 3rd party is not a viable option. I think he knows a little better than you do considering he ran as a libertarian candidate. The table is tilted, there is no way for 3rd party to win now. The only way it changes is if we get liberty minded candidates elected to office via the gop. So go ahead and trash Ron Paul and collect your signatures....but you will be wasting your time and Ron Paul has already told you so. You are free to do what you want...but don't trash the guy who is giving us a clear path to victory in the shortest amount of time. It is pretty sad to see so many turning on Ron Paul I must say.

I'm still a registered

I'm still a registered Republican so I can vote in primaries and stuff... in case it ever matters... but I'm about as unconnected to that party as anyone can be while still being registered to it.

Support the republican party......No!

Support some republicans in the republican party....Yes.
I thought that goes without being said on the DP.

I'd support him

I disagree with Jesse about important things but if he brings up 9/11 and the Nefarious doings of the one party duopoly I'd support him. Ron Paul was a debate changer but by working in the system, politically he couldn't bring certain topics up. Jesse maybe can.


Ventura is the only one who will take on the MIC

Ventura is the only one who will take on the War Establishment, and call them out on their lies and War Crimes (and mass murder).

That said, he will have to be dragged into running, because he really (just like Ron Paul) really only wants to just sell books, go on TV & Radio to sell books, and have a happy life on the sidelines.

He didn't even run for re-election as Governor. People have to really, really push him ... otherwise he ain't going to run.

Quitcher bitchin' and do something about it!

That's essentially what my wife told me to do after listening to another of my diatribes about the Republican Party's faults. So I did do something about it. I'm now a Republican precinct delegate. I was elected in 2012.

As a Libertarian a person is in an environment controlled by the media, the Republicans, and the Democrats, you're essentially a powerless voice in the wilderness with no one really listening. You have been marginalized. The Libertarians have been on the ballot in fifty states three times, in the debates zero times. That's not exactly awe inspiring as Ron Paul been in the debates every time he has run as a Republican.

I voted for Ron Paul on the Libertarian ballot in 1988. Shortly thereafter Mr. Paul realized the futility of seeking higher office as a Libertarian and went back to being an electable House Republican. The public is sold on the idea that as a Libertarian a person cannot get elected, and guess what, they're right.

Ron Paul did more to get the word libertarian on the front page in two presidential primary campaigns as a Republican than the Libertarian Party could do in all the years since 1972, a year in which I wrote in John Hospers and Toni Nathan for Prez and Veep.

Libertarians are those "crackpot spoilers" who stir the pot continually in elections but never get anywhere. Why? Because as a Libertarian a person is more easily marginalized and discredited as a crackpot, while as a Republican whenever you open your mouth, whether it is at a county executive committee meeting, state party committee meeting, or the congressional district committee meeting you get HEARD. They have to listen to another Republican when that person stands up and speaks, and I get to speak a lot.

In the year since the 2012 primary in which I was elected I have been a delegate to the state convention where I was able to cast my one vote against the very liberal incumbent state chair. Out of 2008 votes he won by 80. Only forty-one votes could have put him out of business/office. The grass roots nearly unseated him.

I have been a proxy at the district committee meetings where my comments went into the meeting minutes. Big deal you might say, but where else can I do even this much, at the local Libertarian county meeting? Who's gonna be there to hear me -- ten people -- only on a good day. We have more people at C4L county meetings.

The Republican grass roots, which is heavily libertarian, are doing what the Libertarians should have done beginning in 1972 -- co-opt the Establishment RINO dominated Republican Party. Do your bit as a Libertarian or libertarian get involved in Republican Party politics.
It's the best path until the dollar collapses, and then, who knows we could be a major player in the reconstruction of the American political landscape. GET INVOLVED!

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

As an elected Libertarian I am doing what you say.

I am having a press conference on February 3rd with about 4 major tv stations about the $1,600,000 missing in my township. We have a bully pulpit too as elected Libertarians. That just comes with the job.

Matt Schutter
Chairmen Penn Forest Township Board of Auditors

do something by changing the debate

My intent is to do something about it: By working to the debate. By actually having different points of view represented. While RepubliCANS are trying to take over the GOP, the GOP is trying to take over them. And they have lost the emphasis on the things that I believe are most important. As I said, I'll work on a local political level but that is it for now with the GOP.


What you REALLY need to do is

What you REALLY need to do is take over the party. Why can't you people get that. Seriously. Then the neocons are out of business.

PErhaps all you people should

PErhaps all you people should get off your blogging asses and actually run for the positions in your LOCAL GOP and all the way up to the State level. But I find that the people on here complining are the people who don't actually want to do any real work. Then you complain about what the neocoms are doing. Well guess what? They are working in the party and they are not blogging so perhaps if you do the same you can defeat them and stop whining about how it's soooooooo hard to actually go to a meeting at a house and get elected in your area. Shame on all of you.