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That's It, Goodbye, I'm Done With The GOP - Jesse Ventura, Please Run.

I've had enough. I can't take it anymore, and I'm officially announcing that I can no longer support the republican party.


Because the GOP keeps kissing Chris Christie's politically fat ass, that's why. I'm not talking about looks either. John McCain's "resurgence," as of late with him talking about another run has me thinking of one thing.

Ever see the movie, "Weekend At Bernie's?"

I just can't affiliate myself with that kind of nonsense any longer. I can bend, compromise, and be pragmatic, but I can't bring myself to a new low like that. People who don't follow politics think republicans are bad, because the image portrayed by the GOP is...bad.

The GOP has a few young shining stars in front of their faces, but they ignore them.

Chris Christie kisses up to Obama after the storm, makes the prez look good right before the election and what does the republican party do as a result?

Reward him! With the official nod to be their biggest republican loser to lose to Hillary Clinton in a national vanilla shake of a landslide.

Woman voters vote more than men. Women voted Obama into office, twice. How in the hell is the GOP going to win over women voters with Jabba the Hutt as their main spokesman?

Sometimes it does boil down to looks alone, not politics.

John Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barry Soetoro...

If Rand Paul wins the republican nomination, I would change my mind.

But chances are 100% that no matter if Rand wins, he will lose because the vote is rigged as we have all seen in the past.

But what if Jesse Ventura wages an Independent run the likes of which America has never seen before? The 2 party duopoly would be flipped on it's head, and "Body," slammed by a true 3rd party candidacy that might actually CHALLENGE bogus election results.

If Rand Paul loses against Christie because the GOP says so, well then I think he should seriously consider joining a newly formed party for Independence in order to deliver us from our own governmental monstrosity of evil.

It makes no sense. 1/3 of all registered voters are democrats. Almost 1/3 of all registered voters are republicans.

Over 1/3 of all American voters are registered independents who are sick and tired of the same old dog and pony show, but they have no official party to speak of.

Just imagine if all of the independents, libertarians, and people who don't vote because they know the 2 party system is rigged joined together and called themselves the, "Independence Party?"

Why the hell not?

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What did you expect?

This is politics. The bad guys have been at it 40-60 years.

How long have our folks been going to GOP meetings? 2? 4? 6? 8? And that's when they show up.

( reference: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/3239016 )

Don't blame the bad guys for lack of our presence the last 20 years. Don't blame them when they show up and control the party and we don't. Bad guys are very predictable, they will always show up and do the wrong thing. You have this knowledge in advance.

Listen to Ron Paul. The plan has always been the same. Eternal vigilance, that means everyone showing up to each and every meeting, month after month, year after year, recruiting more like minded people, engaging them and having them to the same, for 5, 10, 20, FOREVER years.

That's how these problems go away. And that's how more liberty people get elected.

Ben Swann: Bring on the chaos!

Ben Swann: Bring on the chaos!

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If Ventura wants to stand a

If Ventura wants to stand a chance, he needs to run on the republican ticket. The 3rd party revolution is not going to happen until we have full control of the GOP and have elected a bunch of Liberty candidates. The sooner you all realize that the better.


I can't support the national GOP anymore. I am a prolife antiwar person. That is why I supported RP. But the GOP has made it clear they love war and they told prolifers in Virginia that they will not get support if they will actually make meaningful change. The GOP only like wars. For rhetoric they only are about hate and fear: Of Obama, Arabs, brown people. GOP presidents put O'Conner and Roberts on the USC. No not trustworthy.

If a local GOP has a more positive vision sure support that for local elections. But IMHO the National GOP will kill corrupt or them if they start to get any traction.

RepubliCAN kinda lost me for Cfor L. We need some one to drive the debate like Ron did; we need keep talking about the warfare state and corporate take over. - Jesse could do that.


No one is asking you to support Neocons like Graham

We need to take over the GOP with real conservatives like yourself. The GOP is a vehicle to get what we want done. The poster is right. Until others can understand that a 3rd party will never exist until we take over the GOP and change the rules, we are wasting our time. GJ only got 1% in the election....with all of the die hard 3rd party support. It is a worthless effort. Ventura would be nothing more than a butt of jokes with a 3rd party run. I wouldn't waste any time at all on a 3rd party run by Ventura. Sure, if it is CHristie vs Clinton I will throw a vote to ventura, but it will be nothing more than a protest vote.

6 down votes an not a single

6 down votes an not a single comment.

So, you all think that a 3rd party revolution is just going to happen? You don't think we might need to elect some allies of the Liberty movement in order to get the wheels turning your way? Ok, how has that worked out for you so far? I think GJ got 2% of vote last election.

Just curious...

Of the three choices, Romney, Obama and Johnson, which of the three would've moved liberty more forward?

With only 2% voting for a liberty-candidate instead of a GQ-model, why should we expect any liberty?

That's a good question. I

That's a good question. I actually voted for GJ in 2012 because my state does not count write ins and I was hoping to see the LP get 5% of the vote. But they did not. They got 2%. While I voted GJ as a protest vote, I was still a delegate for the GOP and worked ruthlessly hard to get our guys elected in GOP seats and local elections.


This site has lost its way. Maybe that is the only way it can exist, but it is no longer a place to mobilize political reform. People here would rather prove to each other than 9/11 was an inside job and other conspiracy stuff..which is okay and appreciated...but we are no longer accomplishing political goals here.

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Lol! you were at -4 when I voted you up

my friend! Lol!

1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

That's great! Who wants

That's great!

Who wants some? Lol!

Jesse's a collectivist

Good on the 2nd amendment, and I'd LOVE to have a candidate who understands the JFK assassination and 9/11. But on the other hand, he defends national health care, and wants the "rich" to pay their "fair share" of taxes. Not good.

I love Jesse, and think he's invaluable as an exposer of government misconduct and occasional TV debater. And he IS independent, without a doubt.

However, if he picked Stern as a VP, he might as well walk around with a target painted on his back. So there's that.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Unless we intend to get involved in the vote

COUNTING process all this speculation about who wold be a good candidate

is a waste of time.

This define politics very well

7 When Jotham was told about this, he climbed up on the top of Mount Gerizim and shouted to them, “Listen to me, citizens of Shechem, so that God may listen to you. 8 One day the trees went out to anoint a king for themselves. They said to the olive tree, ‘Be our king.’

9 “But the olive tree answered, ‘Should I give up my oil, by which both gods and humans are honored, to hold sway over the trees?’

10 “Next, the trees said to the fig tree, ‘Come and be our king.’

11 “But the fig tree replied, ‘Should I give up my fruit, so good and sweet, to hold sway over the trees?’

12 “Then the trees said to the vine, ‘Come and be our king.’

13 “But the vine answered, ‘Should I give up my wine, which cheers both gods and humans, to hold sway over the trees?’

14 “Finally all the trees said to the thornbush, ‘Come and be our king.’

15 “The thornbush said to the trees, ‘If you really want to anoint me king over you, come and take refuge in my shade; but if not, then let fire come out of the thornbush and consume the cedars of Lebanon!’
Judges 9 from the bible.

I am done voting. I don't consent no one ruling over me. Not even man like Ron Paul anymore.

I love folklore like this

I found this facinating to me personally because I have thought that I would like to plant coastal redwood trees near Lebanon.

And second, politics is not for everyone, yet it is for many for many reasons and I think it is good that society has a safe way to vent or make the changes they can, for example my county we banned GMO a decade ago, we decriminalized what some claim to be our industry, medical marijuana nearly a decade ago.. we have many issues that happen on a local level that if you are part of a community, have an investment, then politically is what society has to air your issues.. If you do not.. then politics can beinteresting, but I guess it doesn't hurt so much when you are npot invested in your community.

Unfortunately no one is getting it

Christie is getting the attention because he won. That is it. We had a chance to buck the establishment in the VA governor's race and change the narrative. But, we muffed the punt and gave up the election to the progressives by a number of reasons. Ron Paul has been trying to explain to everyone earlier that we can take over the party. They are not going to give it up easily, but its possible and we were rocking the boat. Now, there are agents of the Libertarian party getting everyone to quit trying something that works. I wish it wasn't this way and we could easily get our liberty back by voting third party or whatever but that is never going to happen. In addition, we have a system that works. It is possible for us to do it...getting over the discouragement is the key though.

What IS

your country??

What do you mean?

I am not sure what you are asking

I am not interesting in a narrative

that includes a social conservative winning elections.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson

Do you think its possible

For us to support laws that allow social conservatives to keep their principles as well as ours? I mean Dr Paul is a social conservative...and he supports freedom across the board but not forcing his beliefs on others. That is what the narrative needs to be. Sometimes Libertarians get their principles tied up by supporting abortion and gay marriage in the sense of the government enforcing it...its kind of hypocritical..

it depends on what those principles are

If they don't infringe the rights of others, then I am all for it.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson


I feel like the blanket acceptance of gay marriage and/or abortion in the political sense is infringing on social conservative views. If you take the liberal side of abortion/gay marriage...it is a govt position in which social conservative views are infringed on because there tax money goes to supporting things they don't morally agree with. I don't know, it makes sense to me and was one of the reasons I support Ron Paul and not someone like Gary Johnson.

Agents of the Libertarian Party!!!

Really? Ron Paul actually appealed to us "agents of the Libertarian Party" (as if the LP can afford "agents"). Cuccinelli did not. It's as simple as that. I was right here supporting Ron Paul as soon as I heard he was running. I ran a meetup group, and was one of the very first people to walk into the Arlington campaign office to help. However, I make my voting choices based on the individual, not somebody else's master plan. Voting Republican signals approval of, among other things, the way third parties are treated by Republicans, so their candidate had better be damn good. I, like many other libertarians, have a very healthy distrust of the religious right, whose message sounds little like liberty to me. Those people were one of the main reasons I disliked the GOP in the first place. The flurry of lies and derision coming from the GOP in the last week or so of the campaign only strengthened my resolve.

The way I see it, since the GOP controls the state legislature in VA, having a Dem governor should slow down lawmaking in general. That may actually be the best we can hope for this cycle. Perhaps next time the GOP can find a "liberty" candidate that actually sounds like one, and you won't have the terrible problem of the highest LP total in a governor's race in history.

Want my vote? Earn it.

That is fair

But I am more concerned about the current issues like Obamacare and how damaging it is to people. I don't hate anyone because of their political belief and I know that these issues are critical to the masses. Would have been nice to send the establishment a message that Obamacare is garbage and VA won't accept it. Well, that didn't happen. So it is a political loss if you want to halt socialism in its tracks, today. That is where I differ on the L party stuff. Love to see it happen but our current life is more important...sorry. It is just the way I feel. I want to do something about the way things are going, today.

"The high priest of the third

"The high priest of the third party movement."

About 4 minutes in. Jesse talks about his contract with MSNBC...and his opposition to the war in Iraq.


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I'm down

Jesse says he wants supporters to organize it. That is understandable. He'll be the representative, but the people have to want it.

Who will step up to the plate and organize it? Are there any groups active and underway yet toward this end?

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.


I wholeheartedly agree with everything said in the op. How long are we seriously going to kid ourselves about the GOP being the "better" side of the illusion of the two party system we have. Ron Paul even jokes frequently in interviews, that what we need is not a 3rd party, but a 2nd party, because right now the 2 major parties agree on all the big issues every single time. We don't even have a 2nd party right now. RP says this constantly, why have we not listened?

There are some fantastic people in the GOP, I'm not going to say otherwise, but they make up a tiny, super tiny, minority, that the GOP bosses want to exterminate as quickly as possible.

I'm not the biggest Ventura fan in the world, based on his political views, but for getting right in there aggressively, calling the bs, and being a real non-establishment voice, he is by far the best bet we have if you are talking 2016 for a non-establishment contender. We need outside voices like his to become loud enough, so that people take a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 100th party seriously. This is more than just being about electing Jesse "The Body" Ventura. It's about giving popularity to the idea of non-democratic/republican parties. Real popularity, not Gary Johnson 1% of the pop vote popularity.

I've seen so much resistance to this on the DP and other RP based websites it's astonishing. Do we want to really make this country a better place or do we want to continually act insane by repeating the same mistakes over and over again and voting for one of two establishment parties that take us down the exact same road every single time when it matters most?

Stop the insanity, get behind a new movement and stop the support of this tried and true failure of a political party that will never amount to anything, no matter how badly we want it to. RP ran under the GOP twice, and we saw the results. Rand is going to go down the same road. He will get railroaded into obscurity just like his father and it's going to be sad to see. Let's start creating our own path to prosperity instead of putting faith into something we all know, including RP, knows is broken, and not have yet another terrible failure ahead of us.

Those that think they can change....

the Republican party remind me of women who think they can change the man that beats them. Yeah, you'll get some flowers the next day and an apology but it's going to happen again until he kills you.

You're better off with another man that will kick his ass if he ever lays a hand on you again.

So, let's say Romney beat Obama, let's say those that think they can change the party voted for Romney. Do you really believe the NSA, TSA, NDAA, The Patriot Act, the bailouts, the wars, etc. would have gone away?

Do you think we would not be in Syria and revving-up for Iran? Of course we would be.

If soldiers had to die for more war to appease Neo-cons, would you be okay with that so you might have a long-shot at somehow changing the party?

At what price does it make it worth it versus taking a stand and saying, though we are a small percentage that want liberty, we'll have no blood on our hands, we'll support no party that doesn't support freedom and follows our constitution. Going along to get along, playing nice to make a sale is silly.

If every liberty-minded Republican left the party for another party, the Republicans would have to change or become politically impotent.

Lastly, keep in mind, many Democrats are very dissatisfied with their party but will never accept being a Republican. However, a third party that shares more of their ideals might be more palatable. You have to win Democrats to change party if you ever want to have liberty.

We got a trick up our sleeves...

Rand Paul 2016!

vote for scum. I will

Stand With True Libertarians 2016
Fire Rand!!!!!!