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CNN appears to be throwing in the towel,

The writing on the wall is clear: CNN simply will not survive if it attempts to continue on as a cable news network. Years of left-wing bias have cost the network its "Most Trusted Name In News" status, as has a series of factual bungles during big news events. During the Trayvon Martin story, both of these liabilities came out in full force.

CNN's desperation move to reinvent itself as something closer to the Discovery Channel is going to come at a huge price in the last remaining area CNN can boast about: profits. Despite its low ratings, CNN has always been hugely profitable. That is about to change. CNN is now in a position where it must go all in:


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I have an idea for CNN to boost profits---


I think it's pretty apparent

I think it's pretty apparent that CNN has always been more concerned about covering for left-leaning politicians than telling the truth...profits be damned.

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