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I hate churches

Churches are a problem.

Churches are like a narcotic, they hijacks the brain, and they try to redefine human sexuality.

Churches became a problem for me when I was nine, and by the grace of God, logic and independent thinking saved me at the age of sixteen.

Friends, I hate churches, and here is why.

I hate churches because they are a perversion of what God created in man and woman.

I hate churches because they exploit God made into an image made by man.

I hate churches because they objectify God into a consumable product instead of the glorious images he has made all around us.

I hate churches because I love people, particularly my friends and family.

I hate churches because they take the soul satisfying experience of feeling God's touch out in nature and turn it into a twisted soul shrinking experience of group-think.

I hate churches because they turn sons and daughters of God into slaves of an organization bent on self-aggrandizement.

I hate churches because they turn potential explorers of life's mysteries into impotent Christians.

I hate churches because they lie about the beauty of critical thinking and lead men to look to a preacher instead of a man who loves to think for himself.

I hate churches because they rob men and women of the full joy of rebellion.

I hate churches because they fracture trust between a mind and a body.

I hate churches because they teach men to think that their desires are diabolical and will lead them to hell.

I hate churches because it leads those susceptible to the awe of nature's mysteries to waste their life studying religious books, rather than trees, rivers, clouds, and bees.

I hate churches for the fear it induces in the hearts of parents everywhere that their child could stumble upon a book about evolution and get addicted.

But I love nature.

I love nature because she has always something to teach.

I love nature because she doesn't ask people to worship her in stale buildings.

I love nature because she loves sex.

I love nature because she is powerful to free church-enslaved hearts.

This is a parody of http://www.desiringgod.org/blog/posts/i-hate-porn

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The Shepherd is My Lord

The shepherd is my Lord, my God;
I shall not disappoint him.
He makes me sit in wooden pews:
He leads me to be dumb.

He saves my life, restores my soul:
He leads me to be holy.
Though I walk through poverty,
I will give him money.

Your superstitious rules control me
In a sermon pointed.
In the presence of the throng,
You say that you’re anointed.

Sunday, your mouth runneth over,
Dogmas all my life.
But I will not dwell in your house
All of my long life.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

whoa, from -14 to -1

C'mon, one more up vote and I am back to zero!

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus


Not because I agree with you, but because I see where you are coming from. The baptist church I grew up in was nothing like what you just explained. And I am being objective-- I left the church for years because I felt much like you did. But what I learned is that the "church" is much less the building and tradition than it is the people and the fellowship. I don't believe God intended you to be claustraphobic in a building, I don't think he wants you to hate sex or sexuality. It might just look different than what you want it to look like.


This post is clearly not an attack on religion itself. It is rather an attack on organized religion. Unfortunately, many people can't seem to tell the difference.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Churches can...

...do (or be) all of these things, or they can do (or be) none of them. It depends on the individual church, and on the individual persons within each church.

I'm with you on getting a lot out of the Creation, out in nature -- but people are also a part of Creation, and having fellowship with other truth-seekers and those who would worship the Creator out of Love is important for many of us.

When a church (or any group in society) loses its focus on loving God and loving others, it will have all kinds of problems spring up, which has probably led to some of the characterizations that you are ascribing to churches in general.

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Or do you hate

not for profit corporations posing as churches?


Said so well with so few words! Right ON

The Bible only recognizes one church. Any church that doesn't match the one outlined in the Bible is a counterfeit.

How glorious a church Jesus is building as we speak. How wonderful it will be when people wake up to the awesome power and love and fellowship of the LOCAL church as outlined in the New Testament. I love the sound governmental structure and how pure and refreshing it sounds all the more every day with the garbage we are seeing in this world.

Best of all, of the increase of HIS government and peace there shall be no end! And u can take that to the bank Jack.

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
"I am the door." -Jesus Christ

A Church Is Made of People, not a building

I hate buildings that are called churches. I hate man made religions. Just like I hate political parties.

I understand what you are saying, I used to hate churches, but then by saying that I came to the understanding I was saying I hate people. I don't hate people, I hate the religions that have used buildings to congregate people into their belief system of religions.

Jesus spoke to thousands outside. Imagine, no speaker system. He was heard by thousands! He also went into a building and overturned tables of the moneychangers.

To congregate with others, sometimes a building is required to shade you and protect you from rain. The church is the people, not the building.

But I'm with you on hating the religious buildings that are mistakenly called "churches".


"From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate."

- Socrates


well-written. nice play on earlier posts...

faith is the enemy of critical thought. (That will earn me a dozen downvotes)

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

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I love Nature

Im not quite sure where you get "her" from though. Iv been fishing and hunting since i was 12 and have never seen a "her" out in the woods or on the water.

Nature was the vehicle into which I first saw God and Jesus was the driver, I love nature too.

James Madison

it's just tradition

In english, nature is referred to as a "she" whenever nature is personified. Nature does not have a gender, of course. Why do we call God a "he"? Do you actually picture God as an old bearded man with a shriveled penis? Of course not, it's just a literary device. The concept of God goes beyond gender restriction.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

I hate RELIGION...I love my church...

Here's a GREAT message from my pastor, Chuck Baldwin. Lots of great stuff in here even if you call yourself a "non-believer". "Dare to be a Daniel". BTW, Chuck acknowledges Sheriff Finch, in this message, as a "Daniel" of our day, and has a great idea for what should be done to Gov. Rick Scott of FL.

You can watch the Liberty Fellowship Service each Sunday, streamed live, starting at 2:30 PM MST at www.LibertyFellowshipMT.com. This church is NOT a 501(c)3 IRS-controlled body of believers.


Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

I also consider Chuck my pastor

I have learned far more from him in the last 2 years than all my christian schooling and church going since I was a little kid.

Often times, ill find myself disagreeing with a majority of what Chuck says, only to have him explain it and change my mind, 3 sermons later.

I have had many non-christians ask, knowing what I know, how can I believe in a God that allows what is happening to happen. Which is very difficult to explain, because it is always more than a simple answer. Inward religion comes from long standing experience, not a sentence or phrase explaining it.

I believe, because there is no way at this point I COULDN'T believe, to ignore what I have seen would be foolish. Those who can't understand me I hold no ill will towards because it's not easy to know all that I know, and experience all that I have experienced.

I honestly believe the Bible teaches freedom and liberty, and that, to me, is its purpose.

I do as well.

I doubt that Granger, nor Greenspan will comment to their beliefs on this. The definition of Trolls.

Who cares, walk away.


The top viewed posts on DP right now are "I hate churches" and "I hate porn."

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

The MSM Church has been co-opted.

It no longer represents it's founding. Anybody that respects the truth has already got it.

And the politco's on this site are fighting a losing battle. I'll name Goldspan and Granger.


This is from 2009.



Do some study on the Inquisition. Think of the people that the Popes killed only because they stood for the truth. You don't hate Snowden, you don't hate what he exposed. You HATE people that don't like it. You were a plant here from day one and I'm glad Michael brought you back. Your part is essential for what is happening.

I think

I think the Catholic Church has made alot of mistakes in it's long history. I think it's human to err and the Church is operated by humans. I am not a plant for the Catholic Church base.

Snowden hasn't exposed anything to me.. I don't hate anyone base.. people morph people have roles, people make mistakes. People do things I hate. I have even done things I hated or regretted, or thought about at a later date and wondered what I was thinking; so, I'm not going to hold anyone, including the human Ron Paul (not to be confused with the Rock Star Ron Paul who can do no wrong) to some standard higher than my own abilities.

You have repeatly accused me of being a plant, and now say I was planted here from the beginning because who ever I was planted by, in their infinate wisdom, or is it what? Am I a plant for who base. NSA? Israel? Catholic Church? GOP? The Grange? Some unnamed super secret group that only your grandchildren will come to know existed, but you, base.. yeah.. you knew LOL I'm sorry, I'm humoring myself with your delusions about me.

I am not a plant base. I am not here to direct your traffic or make you do anything. I see myself as a perpetual student and I come to DP and learn something and share what I think.. and my thoughts have changed as I have processed what I learned, for example, what the GOP is. I used to agree with most here until I actually became a Republican and went to a meeting. Talk about a WTF moment. The GOP is NOT what I thought it was, or how many here, who have never been to a local GOP meeting, think it is based on what they say about the GOP. What they say about the GOP is what they read from their source, and some sources are a NWO (which is, I believe, how you see the Catholic Church and an issue you have with me), and some are from Liberal MSM or Indy MSM or YouTube.. whatever it is, it is not based on their going to a meeting just to SEE What their GOP actually is. Mine was a farce (Democrats keeping the seats warm).

You want to debate me base... I'm all for it.. what I am not for is your insults and name calling. If you sincerely can not respect me as an individual who is sharing their Ron Paul human experience on DP, then we have no grounds to debate. If attacking me makes you feel good base, do what you want, because you're not hitting the truth and it's why it doesn't hurt me.. they become your lies base, not mine. I am not a plant, and I don't expect you to believe me, because I don't believe that you respect me, because I am Catholic and support Israel (which I was neither when I came to DP).

And I may change again base... It's why I LOVE America and appreicate the liberty to learn and adopt what I have learned to my life. I can be an atheist or agnostic, or Catholic or maybe I'll become a Messianic Jew, because that's where I feel God is leading me since I took it upon myself to research Israel, another beef you have with me.

Do what you want base. I'm not your judge, and I'm not here to lable you, as you incorrectly and disrespectfully lable me things like "plant".

Granger, I haven't been here for awhile.

All I can say, is I'm GLAD YOUR DISLEXIA seems to have been fixed. It's funny but you sound like a bunch of new people here on DP.

Good luck to you Granger and God Bless you.

You have shown me nothing but propaganda, and I have no reason to respect you care for the truth.

But I am glad you have overcome your DisLEai.

Give me a break. A troll is a troll.


I'm glad I overcame my dyslexia too... wtf?

that reminds me.. didn't you say something about some baldwin post or link?

God bless you too base.

Granger, did you remove your "Stand For Rand" tagline because

he is speaking the truth?


And Granger, are so so derelict in searching as to what has taken over our God inspired Constitution?

This isn't a political battle, it's one of Good against evil.

The Illusion to our deception is being exposed.


Granger, I hope your dislexia problems were healed by the truth, and not deception.

Go Fourth in Truth,

I agree with Rand's speach

To me, it is a political battle. What is good or evil is not exceptional to politics or spirituality.

I think everything but love is deception.

God works in mysterious ways base, and perhaps why faith is the key, and why judgement is left to Jesus.

Following the path of Jesus

is the way.

He is the the path. The judgment doesn't come from Jesus, it comes from God.

I too was raised Catholic and didn't start reading the bible until I was 40. (only because I saw America going crazy from it's values).

I still don't use biblical quotes out of context, because so many people do to distort the meaning.

I don't know if you are the same person that once had chickens and LOVED ISREAL and all of that.

I do know that the only sanctuary you will ever find is that of respecting the truth.

Think about it. Granger you have posted MANY things to support killing innocent people.

I don't support that. What do you really stand for?



Jesus is God, unless you believe in the trinity as Catholics.

I can't think of one post I made that supported killing innocent people.

If you are talking about Israel then get real and don't beat around the bush.. you want to debate, great.

Thank you Granger

I notice you removed your Stand For Rand tag line about the same time you also lost your dislexiKa problem. What a coincidence. ;)