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Fortunate Man!

At 35 my Friday night party consisted of a dance party in my son's bedroom with the lights out. He has two dream-lights (penguin and dinosaur) that flash several different colors in 10 second intervals. We moved them to the grooves of Keiko Matsui -
http://youtu.be/mGNj77eXgWU and were in our own little world for 15 wonderful minutes. My 8 month old daughter was standing and squatting to the beat...it was a magical moment.

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Keiko Matsui's

Cherry Blossom, my favorite Matsui song, an inspiring, driving and pensively reflective song. A refrain in it must've come from Star Wars. It starts at the 49th second and goes to 1:12. Whether or not the refrain was lifted from Star Wars, I really like this song.

I love smooth jazz. Its golden era is the 90s. Rippingtons, Kilauea, Hiroshima, Joe Sample, Fourplay, Boney James, Greg Karukas, Spyro Gyra, Peter White, Bob James, David Benoit, saxophonist Tom Borton (loved his album Dancing with Tigers; too bad he quit after two albums, he had tons of talent and was a reason I played the sax) and many more artists and groups. Another reason: Duke Ellington's best concert (and, later, album) Ellington at Newport in 1956. It contained what would become my favorite jazz song, the thrilling, crowd raising song "Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue." (Turn up your speakers' volume, close your eyes or at least don't watch the monitor and, of course, enjoy. The crowd goes bananas. Can't you see 'em dancin'? I can. Man, I can.)

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is awesome

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I feel ya'

I'm 36 and also have 2 wonderful small ones (one 2 yrs. old the other 8 months old). I feel fortunate to have them, but I also worry a lot about their future (and my own, to be frank). I don't know if I'll be staying in this country the way its going. But what's the alternative? The proactive thing we've done recently is sell our TV, which I could see my 2 yr old becoming obsessed with it. We try to spend more time outside and in other people's presence. Technology and consumerism has dulled the minds of our youth, I'm afraid.


we were born here, remember!

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Some of the best things in life are free.

Some of the best things in life are free.