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New Liberty Dollar Silver QR Coin Obtains Live Bitcoin Prices


The new QR engraved medallions enable a user of the coin to obtain real-time “manufacturer’s suggested trade value” which is based on the silver spot market price plus “standard premium.” The price will be in Bitcoin as well as other crypto and national currencies.

Vaughn Perling is keenly aware that a number of Bitcoiners have found themselves interested in the cryptocurrency because silver and Bitcoin enthusiasts often travel in the same circles. Said another way, silver stacking is often the “gateway drug” for Bitcoin adoption. Perhaps Max Keiser is the most publicly spoken silver advocate for Bitcoin (for what it’s worth, here is Max Keiser’s first website entry on Bitcoin from December 2010). Because of Vaughn Perling’s Silver/Bitcoin awareness and “a promise he made to Satoshi Nakamoto eight years ago,” live BTC conversion rates are one of many currency options linked to the QR code.

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