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Church - my take!

I attend "church" each day by the beating of my heart.
I surely do not need recognition or praise for commencing collective rituals of interpretive worship...

my "church" is found in the baths I give my children, the diapers I change, the kisses I give them, the overcoming of financial struggle...

the Church of wood and image is not mine.

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I attend the same church!

I call it the Church of Thank You.

Community based Rituals !!!!!

That is church.

That of which you speak is meditation ... not church.

Some can maintain salvation by meditation alone.

You are a superior being.

For most, and some claim ... all, spiritual maintenance will fail without help from your fellow man.

As for me, I am too insecure to attempt a solo flight.

God Bless.

Not superior...

just grew tired of searching and languishing for someone/something that never manifested for me. Vicarious Redemption is also the scapegoating of religion and I refuse to place my responsibilities and mistakes in the hands of "man" I never met, didn't seek caretaking from or ask to commit himself as a sacrifice at the hands of small and devolved minds.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

House of Thespos

During a previous engagement, my former arch nemesis (Drama Queen, not Busy Body) and I would identify as "Thespians" when religion was enquired after. Upon reflection, we decided to be even more proactive and for a time went about introducing ourselves thus. After all, we would explain, The Theatre is every inch a church. It provides structure (Act II should follow Act I), fellowship (nothing, except possibly basic training, instills such camaraderie), and ethics (The show must go on!). And most of all, for those of us who trod the boards, you do exactly what God (The Director, peace be upon her) says, or you're out of the show!

Of course, your church is cool, too. And kind of overlaps my own these days. Shalom.

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As an independent thinker

As an independent thinker with love as your foundation, what will become of the loved ones in your life as they mature and reach out. Perhaps, like you they will find self containment, however, maybe a broader perspective on the value of interchange will grow from your loving foundation. Hearts beating is the center of everyone's universe, and the wellspring of love for everyone, including one's self.

I know nothing of what will be...

but I do know when they mature and reach out it will be with arms and hands that bear semblance to the arms that once held them.

Peace be with you.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness