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Government Opening Free Gas Stations in Poor Neighborhoods - HUMOR

UPDATE (This is the SECOND time I have been fooled by a spammer from one of the state "Ron Paul websites". I try to vet these posts as much as possible. However, I got into a hurry and posted another satire. I apologize and will try to be more careful in the future.")

Oct 29, 2013
First 'Obamastation' Debuts in Detroit, Seventy Planned Nationwide

As the battle over Obamacare rages in Washington, the White House is quietly using a little known provision of the law to roll out a nationwide network of free gas stations for minorities and the poor.

According to a report in The Detroit News this morning, the administration is using its authority under the Affordable Care Act to "improve transportation routes to hospitals" to dispense gasoline free of cost in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The $2 billion-a-year program aims to distribute 40 million gallons of free gasoline each year through 70 new gas stations constructed in major metropolitan areas. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) will be responsible for operating the network, whose first station opened yesterday in Detroit.

read more http://dailycurrant.com/2013/10/29/government-opening-free-g...

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Might want to add that this is supposed to be satire.

Never visited the Daily Currant before so at first glance it seemed like a genuine article. Then I read the about section of the website:

The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide - now including South Sudan.

Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence - which presses forward.

Q. Are your news stories real?

A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

Of course these days, the line between truth and fiction is increasing becoming blurred as the President continues to set new unprecedented milestones... First President to acknowledge a kill list of American citizens. First President to start a war using a drone army (coming soon)!... etc.

Will do. I tried to find that link as I got burned before...

by a "'Ron Paul spammer'". I apologize for the confusion and will correct the posting.

Onion Competitor

Do you think if it were true people would wake up and revolt?

I might take a 'look-see' if I weren't so offended by the station name, photo, and black/white comment.

So, how long 'til Obama thinks of this for himself and enacts it?

ARE THERE enough poor voters to bolster 2014 elections? (hoping free gas stations come to them)

If income level to qualify was $100k or less and whites could participate, who would win in 2014?

[The Daily Currant is an American satirical news blog that focuses on politics, technology, and entertainment. A number of its satirical stories have been taken for true news reports by press and members of the public.

The Daily Currant is a competitor to The Onion. According to Quantcast, the site garners over 1.5 million page views a month.]

(Web traffic on theonion.com amounts to an average of 7.5 million unique visitors per month.)

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Free condom machines in the bathrooms too, so I hear!

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In 1997 26 cents worth of gas was enough for gas

huffers I knew then to stay high for 2 days.

Will the president meet the needs of these huffers and if so, to what extent?

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