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And the reason that this "game" will never be reported on...

by the MSM. Right again, takeaction.

i hope this doesn't get mainstream airplay

do you seriously think it would cause a reduction in its happening?

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Majorities are usually not race-baited, only minorities.

My comment was meant to address the selective reporting of events by the media based on race. The event itself is what should be reported on regardless of skin colors of the parties involved. Honest reporting was my point.

i'm a bit appealed at the

i'm a bit appealed at the casual ageism on display here. collectivism is not welcome on the DP, ty.

I'm sure you meant "appalled"

Collectivism may not be welcome, but I'm sure you'll cut me a break for making generalities.

Besides, when you're as old as I am, a little disgust with the young whipper-snappers is hard coded in my DNA.

bill3 is using sarcasm to suck

others into ridiculous conversations. his use of the word appealed was deliberate. don't take him seriously.

quiet, boy. if you need to

quiet, boy. if you need to tell someone its sarcasm, is it really my fault?

fsck! got me

fsck! got me


This is the worst thing I have ever seen.

I Agree..

Though if there was no God, it would not be inherently wrong for someone to play the game of Knockout..I personally could not live it out let alone anyone I know.

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Wrong.We played Knockout the Natives during the Manifest Destiny

The United States had Divine sanction for its territorial expansion at the native's expense. With god, more people have been slaughtered in the history of the world than for any other reason. How could it be any worse without a belief in the Almighty with all of the killing that has happened in the name of god?.

you seem to be confusing a

you seem to be confusing a game where you attack people for fun who you know won't defend themselves, with a shooting war over land when you know the other side will defend itself. one involves sucker punching, the other involves killing. i don't think i get the parallel. are you trying to make the knockout game morally excused because some other people at some other time killed some people.

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My point was that violence is irrelevant of the existence of god

We have attacked 'people for the fun of it' is one historical interpretation of our actions over our history. Arrows against bullets could sound like fun for some people. The comment was "if there was no God, it would not be inherently wrong for someone to play the game of Knockout." Wrong. It would be just as wrong, since there is no way to prove this quote either way. There would still be the same laws in place whether there is a god or not, since it cannot be proven that god exists. With the believe 'god exists' has been responsible for more killing than any other reason for wiping people off the face of the map. How could it be worse without such a belief?

you might have a different

you might have a different opinion if you ever took an arrow to the knee.

I guess it depends what

I guess it depends what God one would be referring to. Just say there is no god well then all the pain suffering and injustice goes unpunished..what difference does it make of all these killings? Nihilism would be the only truth.

Ah, ghetto culture

A shining example of humanity without morals and education that we are not allowed to judge for fear of being called racist. Eventually some horrible racist is going to defend themselves against these kids and be vilified all over rap radio. They are after all, just innocent kids who are victims of a culture of immorality and lack of education.

No one said they were innocent kids, but

yeah, Mike, they are a product of a culture of immorality and lack of education. So now that we have this "game" spreading across the country, it can be dealt with solely via the prison system OR we could at least try to do something about it by once and for all dealing with the education debacle (and vouchers are just one more Bandaid approach) and via the normal influences of morality: home & parents, school, and church.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

kids are stupid

And these kids should be forced to do jujitsu with older mentors they trust that can knock some sense into them.

White kids, black kids -- all kids especially poor ones, do this stuff.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.


It's amazing what getting choked and armbared on a regular basis does to one's character.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

They say 5 teenagers can be

They say 5 teenagers can be seen in the video walking away from the teacher, I clearly count 6. Stupid news reporters.

must be the 3/5ths rule

must be the 3/5ths rule

There's a reason we

There's a reason we generalize. That's the hard truth.These young thugs have no respect for anything. And that's what today's rap culture raised.

Um, not completely true.............

as you are approaching a group of young thugs

reach in your coat/belt/whatever...

let them see you remove a S/S 1911 in the 45 cal.

If you're really concerned, jack the slide back.

They WILL get away from you.

Works for me..................

Yeah that's why my kids will go to private school

At worst I quite my job buy a piece of land to cultivate and home school. I did mischief when I was young but this is plain evil.

find it particularly

find it particularly offensive that whoever made this video had all of the attackers be black. #racism.

You, sir, are a master of

You, sir, are a master of facetiousness! We need more of this dry humor around here.



Did you know there is more

Did you know there is more racism among the black community than any other?

i don't see things in terms

i don't see things in terms of race and collectivism like you white people.

The problem is that everyone

The problem is that everyone else does. That is a society problem is it not?

Kids acting like thugs because pop culture taught them that it's cool to be a thug and the parents don't set them straight.