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Adrian Wyllie is running for governor of Florida and he's awesome.

I am 100% behind this man for governor here - we need serious change in Florida. If you are in South Florida come and see Adrian speak tomorrow at South Florida String Festival and show some support!

Here's a video of Adrian surrendering his drivers license in protest of Real ID.


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Polling 9% without any media

The Quinnipiac poll released today, July 23rd, not only included Adrian Wyllie (for the very first time!) but shows him polling at 9% in a 3 way race with Rick Scott and Charlie Crist.

The poll also finds that voters in Florida do not find either Rick Scott or Charlie Crist to be honest and do not see them favorably. Subsequently the poll shows the only thing holding Adrian back is name recognition as regions who have heard more about him not only see him favorably but vote for him in higher numbers.

I just made a fresh post on here, about today's poll results. Everyone can help, even if you don't live in Florida! Here is the link http://www.dailypaul.com/322972/the-first-libertarian-govern...

Bump for a real governor in Florida

Thanks for the 'heads up'. He is one classy guy, no matter how much flack I may receive, he has my vote.

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