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Poaching on an 'industrial scale' - poor elephants

Over 10K elephants have been slaughtered in the last 10 years in Gabon and elephant population is down 62 per cent over the same time period in central Africa.


Of course Ivory is much sought after and thus naturally the Chinese are partaking in this atrocity.

This is absolutely despicable imo >:

****There were 80K elephants just 30 years ago !!!

This is what special forces should be used for.

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I have read that in South Africa there is an overpopulation problem. In any case, the solution is simple. Legalize private ownership of elephants. That's what saved the buffalo.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

I do not think

property rights have the same significance there imo.


This is a little outside the square,

and something that I have pondered over for a long time.I don't see it as an all out solution,but it may go someway to slow the dreadful business of poaching down somewhat.
Years ago, on the news I saw a massive pile of poached elephant tusks being burnt.
What if these tusks had been sold on the open market? Surly this would have swamped the market, and softened the price of ivory for sometime.
The money gained could be put back into wildlife protection, and the poachers punished.
Isn't the outright ban on ivory pushing the poaching trade, sort of like any prohibition?

The situation re elephants is sad.

There have been too many depressing stories here in the past day or so. So...

Here's a touching video about two elephants reunited after many years:

This is a great book by a researcher who studied a herd of elephants the way Dianne Fosse studied gorillas and Jane Goodall studied chimps. You can't follow elephants for some length of time and not understand that they, too, have a body, soul, and mind. http://www.amazon.com/Elephant-Memories-Thirteen-Years-Famil...

And if you're looking for a fun family movie for this weekend, I recommend Operation Dumbo Drop, based on a true story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHd7O6YeHIU

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Not just elephants

We have a hell of a time with abalone poaching here, of course the abalone is not as awesome as an elephant, but still poaching is wrong and I can't think of what would make it right.

Maybe this is off topic but even as a kid, it seemed some kids attracted animals and other kids didn't, and some even torured animals and I could never phathom what would inspire someone to hurt an animal, I mean besides stomping a fire ant hill or take out a wasp nest.. but I mean, doing cruel, if not insane, things to pets and little critters.. I don't know, I think even in Jr high, seemed to be those who did not want to disect the frog and others who were all too happy to desect yours for you..

Long live a good life for elephants and all earthlings.

A disgusting and defiling creature..

"what a piece of work is man.."

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