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The Fed's Taper Bluff Going on Five Years


“Green shoots” “recovery summer” “wait till next year” are chants we have heard every year for five years about a supposed economic recovery that never develops.The Fed continues with QE because the recovery still hasn’t happened.

If the economy is doing well, then pull the plug on QE and see what happens.


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Any one see how the Fed gets out of this?

Either they continue QE and markets realize QE has no end and the dollar starts to fade OR they start tapering and the markets and economy collapse.

Most of the observers that are paying attention think that they just keep on with the QE and increase it.

The MSM believes the economy is getting better and soon the Fed can close down the program.

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The Fed's bluff will soon be called

If they don't taper in December we know they are bluffing about QE
If they do taper and the market "corrects" Yellen's first move will be to increase it.

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