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Libertarian Pres. Candidate Ron Paul Speech at the 'Economic Club of Detroit' in 1988

Both timely & amazing

Speaking, ironically, at the Economic Club of Detroit in 1988, Ron Paul warns oh-so-prophetically of a coming economic crisis and the profound implications of the government's fiscal and monetary program largesse.

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I bet Ron Paul can win the

I bet Ron Paul can win the LP's nomination for 2016.

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Oh, yes. There is no one on the radar screen.

You are right. If he wants it, it's his for the taking. However, Rand running or not would be a deciding factor.

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This speech was awesome.

I prefer seeing Ron Paul as a Libertarian, attacking both sides of the aisle was consistent with his being associated with neither. The last 5 minutes were unbelievable. And back then, Ron Paul got a standing-O in Detroit! Imagine that now! 25 years have not changed the message of Liberty. Enjoy for those with the time. I did.

I think I was at this speech.

I think I was at this speech. I cannot even remember if I supported Ron Paul for the nomination but I do remember that he always made me proud to be a Libertarian during his campaign.