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Feedback ? Based upon court documents, what can WE do ?

I've been thing quite a bit about the TSA and their egregious policies of late, wonder what if anything can I do to protect myself from them, other than giving up my right to travel eventually ?
Recient data, direct from them, has come forth in regress to their " pat down " and " back scatter " techniques courtesy of a court document a clerk neglected to keep sealed ( and infowars ) http://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/178449913

In this document I noted two important things, first that they, that is the TSA is already under a court order to use ONLY the least invade measures to do their work, and secondly, that there are LESS INVASIVE measures available that they are aware of but refuse to use.
A third bit of information I found openly ironic was that TSA acknowledges that the security is NOT A response to ANY threat of terror.

My thought is simply this: pre prepare a document simply stating the following.

I __________________________ (print TSA employee name ) do swear that the " pat down " or " X -Ray back scatter " search about to be administered to you, is the " least intrusive " means known to be available for such activities and that no other less invasive means exist anywhere that I, or the TSA might utilize in accordance with the Court order mandating that I, and the TSA use the least invasive method known to man in order to effect such searches.
I also state that if my present statement above be found to be untrue I and the TSA shall be financially responsible for abuse of power and guilty of violating a existing court order and shall insure all criminal fines and penalties under such paid directly to the holder of this affidavit.

Signature______________________________________________ DATE ______________________

Thanks for giving me your thoughts and ideas.

God bless.

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