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Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Are Frenemies


To say the Republican party is split into little factions, all scrapping and squabbling for attention and praise, would be an understatement. But apparently an ugly personal rivalry exists between two tea party stars, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, that plays out mostly behind closed doors.

The concept of a "frenemy" is fairly common at this point, but let's have a quick review: a frenemy is someone you keep close, like a friend, but secretly hate and want to destroy, like an enemy. And that's probably the best way to describe the Cruz-Paul relationship, as documented by The New York Times' Jonathan Martin: two Tea Party stars vying for the same spot in the White House, willing to elbow the other in the side to get ahead.

Where the relationship really started to fissure is unclear. The two used to be friends, often mentioned in the same breath by fellow Republicans. But that front has fallen apart recently as the road to the White House in 2016 starts to heat up. Perhaps Cruz will be blamed for throwing their relationship completely under the bus, because he told a room full of potential donors in New York City this summer that Rand Paul could never be President "because he can never fully detach himself from the strident libertarianism of his father, former Representative Ron Paul of Texas," Martin reports. The news of Cruz's betrayal made it back to Paul, who was predictably furious. But let's not act like Paul is completely innocent in this charade, either. Privately, Paul calls Cruz "the chief of the wacko birds," playing off John McCain's favorite insult. They're clearly very close.


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The media will have NO influence on the Liberty Movement.

The establishment wants to divide and conquer us. It won't work because we know the media is bought and paid for by our enemies. If Paul and Cruz have something against each other, let THEM deal with it.

I don't give a fuck what the establishment wants us to think. Cruz won't be president. He is no threat. If they want to alienate him, they shouldn't bother with manipulating us. Because FUCK those liars and thieves. Until they talk about ending the Fed, then they have no leg to stand on with us. We remember how the media treated Ron Paul.

They have no credibility.

They have no influence.

Their message and agenda is born out of fear of us.

We will not yield.

Cruz can go once we win 48 senate seats to replace him.

Cruz is a Hack...

Cruz is a Hack...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

All we gotta do is

help spread the info. Anytime there is an article on cruz, copy/paste the info on the discussion forums.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Every time I

read articles like the above I get more po'd. Who is Cruz to run his stinking mouth about anyone else "can never be President"...when Cruz himself is NOT a natural born citizen, yet plans on running anyway??

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Too libertarian

is a stark comment from Cruz. Rand and Ron endorsed him together on the steps of the Texas capital. It's the first knife-in-the-back action that I'm aware of. If he can say that, about his "natural" ally and supporter, he's a wild card.

He infuriated the leadership by initiating the shutdown, but positioned them so that they had to publicly argue for it. Now he sides with the leadership with the "too libertarian" comment. Together, those power plays make me think about his Goldman Sachs wife, like they are a political power couple.

His maneuvers are also out of line with their stated purpose. The filibuster was procedurally, a pseudo filibuster, like a copycat of Rand's drone filibuster, and it initiated an overall strategy that was doomed to fail.

Rand still appears to be predominately driven by principle, and his political plays sometimes look kind of clumsy. I think that's heartening. Rand also has an endearing respect and understanding of procedure. Cruz, in his early actions in the Senate, looks like a wicked slick political operator.