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A Monetary Tale: Request for bid. See Mark Twain @ DailyPaul

It might seem to you all that having "legal tender" printed up & distributed to its rightful owners ought to be put out to bid. The century old franchise taken up by the monolithic Federal Reserve System has gone long on its fangs (teeth). Old blood... Antiquated... From my perspective, an oddity over-staying its welcome.

Monetary value should represent actual value. Elastic measuring mythology is a poor substitute. Near worthless... Read the first sentence in the Federal Reserve Act, 1913. A stretch (something about Elastic Currney). "Follow Your Money." DTCC clears most payments. $2 quadrillion each year. Mark Twain, 2013

Need a deep scrub & clean? Boxax ™ 20 Mule Team clean?

Create a new monetary system (real money; no monopoly)? Help Wanted: 1. Justice & 2. Monetary System.

Imagine value in something besides "Flying-Money" (paper-money)

INFLATION AND DEFLATION, Chapter 24. Evans, 2013. Why must we measure what we trade in elastic currency? Why not measure in real value?

What would your home look like if your carpenter measured with an elastic tape measure?

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