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Ollie North is a Tool -The Russians aren't going to do anything.

The Russians aren't going to do anything the bankers don't tell them to do.
Errand boys doing their work:


Right now Snowden is a very good bellwether for them on American ignorance and apathy.
Unbelievably as:

  • when they setup the FED and passed the income tax, (1913)
  • removed the gold standard, (1971)
  • began heavily off shoring all our industries (1970's on)
  • federalized public "education", (1979)
  • ran up our credit card to the MIC starting largely under Regan, to "win" the cold war (1980 on)
  • passed the Patriot act in direct conflict with the US Constitution establishing an internal army (2001)
  • bailed themselves out on our backs,(2008)
  • pulled off QE1 QE2 and QE Infinity (2011 on),
  • federalized healthcare, (2013)

As they must now have come to expect, the people have done nothing since Ed Snowden laid out the blatant, direct destruction of the Constitution for all to see.

Hell they don't even deny it. No Clapper in jail for perjury, no Alexander fired, Utah data center still coming online... The American frogs are simmering nicely now it seems.

The oligarchy is installed in Russia already. As soon as they finish crashing the middle class and claim all the real assets of our country, they will be free to crash the dollar and start a new currency (backed by totalitarian taxation, extortion, and greater theft) and install the final consolidated oligarchy here free of that pesky Constitution.

After that it would seem just a matter of connecting the dots of World resources and assets left in between. Of course the other BRAC countries may decide they want to fight World War 3 over this but will quickly find out the Russians are not really with them. They are with the US central bankers.

That would leave them against the major forces of the US the EU and the Russians. I don't see China as being able to do it without Russia and a questionable middle east and south Asia for allies. China may realize they are just going to have have to take the financial hit on their US backed debts. As Yves Smith states in her November 3 interview The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks are working to isolate China as I write this post...

(Listen to this very interesting interview here; ignore Harry Shearer's slant and find good info.)

I believe Major Jordan's diaries. It makes far too much sense after listening to him speak about treasonous acts he witnessed 60+ years ago and seeing what has happened since with where we are at today.

The results show pretty clearly as the years have past since his revelations and those of the Reece committee that regardless of what we believe it sure has worked out pretty good for the Jekyll Island group, wouldn't you say?

Must just be a coincidence...

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Russia will not have to do anything. However, China...

has negotiated hard currency trades with most of the Commonwealth nations AND the EU. Poland is making overtures to unite with Germany, while the Germans, fed up with being robbed to bail out bankrupt EU countries, is cozying up to Russia. Hungary has already expelled the the IMF central bankers.

As for the bankers, JP Morgan continues to be investigated for criminal charges despite a huge civil settlement.

Brazil, while having its share of problems, has been energy self-sufficient for decades; and, our old "friends" the Saudis are negotiating a hard currency for oil deal with China. Just what do you think that will do to the "petrodollar"?

India, with its huge technically skilled labor force, continues its research into LFTRs (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors) and could quickly pass the US as the world leader in reactor technology.

South Africa, with its huge mineral reserves just waiting to be exploited, could very well be a major player soon.

As for the IMF central bankers? I predict a "ton of BRICS" is about to fall on them.

+ 1 billion votes for 'From Major Jordan's Diaries'


Do you have a hard copy? Why has this book gotten so little attention? Would it sell if the rights were obtained from the JBS?

LOVE THAT BOOK! Two of my copies are signed - I gather strength from just looking at those signatures.

To your point - yes Mr./war criminal North is talking out his butt. Why would 'Russia' harm their trump card?

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

That "Prediction" is a Diversion

a statement to divert. If Snowden is harmed it be directly or indirectly orchestrated and unleashed from this hemisphere.

God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.

Excellent summary/explanation

sad thing is, there is nothing stopping it. The sheep have been herded and given a cliff to jump off.

yea good ole

war profiteer Ollie...he's a real effin genius. Funny how Ollie couldn't even sniff out a guns and drugs running operation going on right under his nose, but he can somehow predict a Russian hit on Snowden. What a lying scumbag.

just settin up to convince

just settin up to convince red state dupes it was cardboard cut out russian bad guys who did it and not his cia buddies.

Where have all the good

Where have all the good spooks gone? Is there any "God and Country" defenders of the Constitution left in that organization or was it the first one corrupted against us?
We may never know but the NSA know who I had lunch with today and where. Yippee!
"They must apply to everyone or they mean nothing, do you understand?..."

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.