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Marketing Monsanto!

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) - A naturally occurring bacterium present in soil and used successfully by home gardeners and organic farmers to control certain insects for more than 40 years. When ingested by a target insect, the protein produced by Bt destroys the insect by disturbing the digestive system. The Bt protein is harmless to other insects, people and animals.

Actual Patent -

Roundup Ready® Corn 2 is protected by one or more of the following U.S. Patent No(s).: – 5,554,798; 5,593,874; 5,641,876; 5,717,084; 5,728,925; 5,859,347; 6,025,545; 6,083,878; 6,825,400; 7,582,434; 8,273,959; RE39247.

All patent information:


www.monsanto.com > Who We Are > Contact Us > Category: Advertising/Marketing

I am contemplating requesting marketing materials in order to educate people in the local community about GMO's. I would provide a simple opinion letter with the provided materials that consummately asks the question, "If GMO's are so beneficial and safe, why is Monsanto paying tens-to-hundreds of millions to keep their achievements and integrity of patented products hidden from their beloved consumers?

“As an agricultural and technology company committed to human rights, we have a unique opportunity to protect and advance human rights. We have a responsibility to consider not only how our business can benefit consumers, farmers, and food processors, but how it can protect the human rights of both Monsanto’s employees and our business partners’ employees.”
— Hugh Grant, Monsanto, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer


Monsanto Pledge:


Thoughts? Support? Advice?

Peace and Love always.

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Does anyone know what...

the 9.4K Facebook votes for this thread mean?

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Marketing in order to....

educate others of the hypocrisy and harm they spread...the God-complex is well at work with Monsanto.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Show me 1 independent scientific paper that shows GMO's

are safe. There are none! There are many studies that show GMO's are very harmful to the environment and humans and wildlife. There are however many websites that make the claim that we as Americans have been eating GMO's for 20 years, with no adverse effects. In other word we have been a Lab experiment for the last 20 years! Most are looking for the GMO label on the foreheads of the dead, for proof that GMO's could be harmful.

If BT was safe to humans how is it that doctors in Canada found it in the blood of 95% of pregnant women? The real scary part of it, is that BT was found in 80% of the new born babies blood. Proof that BT crossed the placenta blood barrier.

Roundup no longer works as a herbicide, lots of weeds becoming resistant just like the corn. Now they want to ad 2-4-D to the mix with Roundup. Where is the proof that we were going to use less herbicides and pesticides with GMO's?

neonicotinoids used as a seed coating when the corn is planted is a systemic pesticide. It becomes part of the plant, the EPA has to register the corn produced as GMO's as a pesticide. No one ever told us that pesticides are in the corn, and it is a type of nerve agent. Think about it next time you chow down a bag of Doritos.

Why does Monsatan and Dow own the patent rights to the Epycite gene? This is a gene for one function only, that is causing human sterility!

When your Marketing Monsanto, your marketing death! America has yet to see the real benefits for embracing Monsantan, death!

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Thread posted late..

Bump for viewing!

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Open letter to Monsanto...

via certified, return-receipt mail to follow - will post here once completed.

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