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Simple thing - fly your state flag

I'd like to promote a very simple project that should appeal to a wide cross-section of us. And it is very simple:

Don't just refuse to fly the US flag... Fly your state flag *instead* of the US flag.

It is a small but visible reminder that the people of your state have their own sovereignty. And when people comment on your flag choice, you can educate them about the structure of our republic, and about your support for [pick something meaningful to you: smaller govt, state's rights, nullification, ratifying conventions, liberty movement, whatever].

Note: You don't have to think your state is super-awesome to do this. You decide your own reason for flying it. But just as leaving a 10 cent tip leaves a stronger message about poor service than just stiffing someone, flying a *different* flag says more than just refusing to fly the US flag. Think about it.

I think there are enough people in this movement to make a noticeable impact on the visual display, especially on federal holidays (like Veteran's Day).

If you have ever been to Texas, you'll notice how *many* Texas flags fly there. It is startling. If those Texans would likewise refuse to also fly the US flag, it would look like another country there. It would be awesome.

In most states that aren't Texas, the only places you see the state flag flying is on top of official state institutions. Wouldn't it be cool to see nothing *but* state flags except for on top of the federal institutions that are required to fly them?

I've been flying my state flag for a couple of years - I get comments on it. Let's see if we can start a trend!

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What about the tea party's

What about the tea party's favorite "don't tread on me" flag?

You just gave me an idea

When I read your post, I thought.. that's a great idea.. I have a few flags and not even a state flag, so I'm going to buy a state flag.. thank you!

Then I thought.. you know some places don't allow people to fly flags, or even post campaign signs.. and I thoight about at the convention GOP convention, how the establishment had tons of campaign signs.. hundreds of thousands of these ugly corporate signs.. trash all nothing but a huge waste of money and trash.. and I thought.. know what I want to do? I want to bust them. Next convention where there is a campaign and there's hundreds of thousands of these huge stupid ugly signs no one wants.. I think it would be great to show this waste.. now what if there was someone in a few states to do this to both major parties? LOL that would be fun.

Thank you for the idea.. I look forward to getting a CA state flag and flying it.

A better idea:

Fly another state flag, one that is Liberty [not communist] oriented.


Granger, I hope that all is well with you :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

very funny ((((PAF))))

You must have been

feeding the chickens earlier. Try, try again I will :-)

Granger, please make that a thread of its own. Notice that I said please.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul